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Chinese Takeaway Novelty Cake by Victoria from Cherrylicious Cakes

Chinese Takeaway Novelty Cake by Victoria from Cherrylicious Cakes


Chinese Takeaway – Cake Style, perfect for celebrating Chinese New Year! Here at Katy Sue HQ we love this imaginative idea made by Victoria from Cherrylicious Cakes. Follow along with Victoria’s tutorial to make your very own Chinese Takeaway Novelty Cake!

You will need:

  • KSD Lucky Money Bag mould
  • KSD Double Happiness mould
  • 5” square sponge cake approx. 4” deep
  • Buttercream
  • 2 x templates of a Chinese takeaway box – I easily found one on the internet
  • White sugarpaste
  • Red sugarpaste
  • A beige/gold food colouring – I used Sugarflair Autumn Leaf
  • Gold edible dust and either some clear alcohol or lemon juice mixed to form a paint
  • Brown edible dust
  • Tylose
  • Edible glue
  • Marzipan spacers
  • Boning tool
  • Covered cake board trimmed with 15mm ribbon
  • Round cutter approx. 6.5cm in diameter

To make the Box Cake:

1. Fill, stack and crumbcoat the cake. Using one of your templates carve the cake to shape – it tapers slightly at the bottom – set aside.

2. Mix some Tylose into your white fondant and rollout using your marzipan spacers.

3. Lay the template on top and cut out 2 x sides and 1 x front and 1 x back – Remember not to cut through the line that indicates the lid, just score lightly.

Create-cutout-templates-for-chinese-noodle-box-for-cake4. Fold the tops back along the scored line and support with some rolled up kitchen towel. Set aside and leave to dry – long enough for the folded leaves to support themselves.


5. Once the fondant is dry give your cake a 2nd layer of buttercream and attach the side pieces to the cake, then the front and back – you can use a little royal icing to secure the corners and fill any small gaps you may have.

6. Dust the KSD Double Happiness mould with cornflower.  Using fondant mixed with tylose push into the mould. Turn out and attach to the front of the box using a little edible glue.


To make the Chopsticks

1. Take some of the fondant mixed with tylose and colour it a pale golden shade.

2. Roll it out using your marzipan spacers as a guide and cut out 2 strips approx. 1cm in width and 13cms long – allow to dry.

3. Once set they can be attached to the inside of the box using some edible glue.


To make the Noodles

1. Colour the fondant a slightly darker shade than the chopsticks.

2. Then either by hand or if you have one you could use a fondant extractor, roll out spaghetti like lengths of fondant.

3.Once you have enough place them on top of the cake to cover.


To make the Fortune Cookies

1. Taking the same fondant you used for the noodles, cut out 7 circles using your cutter.

2. Run a little edible glue around the edge and fold in half. Be careful not to flatten the centres, you want them to look puffy.

3. Then push the two corners towards each other to form an arc.


To make the Lucky Money Bags

1. To make the bags dust your KSD Lucky Bag mould with cornflower, fill with red fondant and turn out.

2. Add a little tylose to some more of the red fondant and form a 3d shape similar in size to the mould.

3. Attach the Lucky Bag mould to the shape you’ve just made using the edible glue and blend the edges to hide the seam.

4. Using the bone tool add some indentations to give the bag movement. Paint the accents on the bag gold.Making-a-Chinese-Lucky-Money-Bag-for-cake-decoratingLucky-Money-Bag-from-Chinese-Takeaway-Cake

Finishing Touches

Finish by dusting the edges of the prawn crackers, noodles and chopsticks with a little of the brown edible dust and place on your covered cake board.


Victoria Lockhart, Cherrylicious Cakes


Click HERE to buy the Chinese Lucky Money Bag Mould for £12.98


Click HERE to buy the Chinese Double Happiness Mould for £12.98


Or click HERE to buy the Chinese Silicone Mould Bundle, includes Double Happiness Mould and Lucky Money Bag Mould for £19.99




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