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FREE UK Delivery Over £25

Angel Policy

Most Katy Sue products come with an angel policy allowing you to make by hand and sell up to 200 items in a year. There may be some exceptions where we have taken a license to manufacture under another’s brand. Full details of these exceptions will be linked on the specific product page.

Permission is given for the following:

  • Katy Sue Designs gives the customer the right to gift and sell handmade items created from the product, provided they are not sold for large scale commercial gain. (i.e. not more than 200 pieces sold in a twelve month period).

Users of Katy Sue Designs products are Not permitted to:

  • Create, sell or distribute for free any copies of the contents of the products.
  • Create, sell or distribute for free any reproductions of the moulds or other products.
  • Create, sell or distribute for free any digital copies of the contents of products.
  • No graphics, videos or alterations of the media content may be distributed free or for sale via the internet.
  • Use any of the designs and graphics for commercial without written permission including electronically or in paper form.
  • Designs are not to be used as company logos, trademarks, or personal stationery.

For questions relating to this usage policy please email 

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