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Mini Christmas Fruit Cakes by Noreen

Mini Christmas Fruit Cakes by Noreen


Decorate your own Christmas Fruit Cakes using Noreen’s simple guide! Using our Christmas cupcake moulds Noreen has created these amazing mini cakes. Discover all our Christmas moulds by clicking here!

Tools required:


  • Treated Fondant (Tylose added)
  • Cornflour
  • Dusting Brush
  • Edible Lustre powder
  • Alcohol/Lemon extract
  • Mini baked or shop bought Christmas cakes x3
  • Mini cake boards x3
  • Red ribbon


Secure cakes onto mini cake boards.

I would wrap ribbons and secure with a bow at this stage so as not to run the risk of damaging your cake tops.

To make up the cake topping, dust out either of the three moulds with cornflour and tap out any excess, this ensures that no moisture would be in the mould to prevent easy release.

The treated fondant should then be softened by the heat of your hand until pliable, place a ball of this into the mould so that it fills the mould, press this down to create a good impression when released. The excess can be pushed to one edge and rolled over with a rolling pin to flatten and neaten the back. Ensure at this point that you can see the outline of the mould clearly which means the mould will release easily and not require anything else done to it.

This can then be placed onto the cake using icing sugar, edible glue etc.

When dry I used White Lustre powder mixed with a few drops of white alcohol to a painting medium and highlighted certain focal areas.

*I used the smallest of the Holly Trio to place onto Santa’s hat.

These would be a great selling idea for all your charity stands and Christmas Fayres and they take very little time to make and look amazing!

noreen_mini-christmas-cakes-2 noreen_mini-christmas-cakes-3 noreen_mini-christmas-cakes-4

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