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Katy Sue welcomes Gilles to our Design Team

Katy Sue welcomes Gilles to our Design Team

We would like to give a big welcome to Gilles, our new Design Team member. His first task was to make something beautiful with our new Ornamental Moulds and boy, did he deliver. The three tier cake above is simply stunning! It uses our Ornamental Cherubs, Ornamental Drops, Piped Shell Border and Leaf Flourish Moulds plus a floral cutter from Blossom Sugar Art. Visit Gilles Facebook page where you’ll be a able to see lots of his other cakey creations click here.
Born and raised in Montreal Canada, Gilles Leblanc was the youngest of six children. His interests in the arts were present at a very young age, and very much encouraged by his mother who shared similar interests. His pastimes as a child were always based around the arts, whether sculpting or painting, he enjoyed experimenting with different materials. As time passed, his passion and curiosity grew and Gilles Leblanc wanted to pursue a career. Being a perfectionist, he enrolled in a well renowned jewellery school, to better perfect his knowledge of the various metals. It wasn’t long after that Gilles work was exhibited in various art galleries and featured in different magazines.  Electroforming, bronze, silver and even gold gave Gilles Leblanc’s pieces their originality, and unique quality. 
Gilles Leblanc eventually had to put his sculpting and career on hold, but his passion for the arts never died.  He later discovered the art of cake decorating, and his passion was renewed. Gilles Leblanc’s talent in sculpting, and original ideas succeeded in creating many diversified cake pieces. Gilles Leblanc has also taken part in many cake collaborations, and has been featured in various magazines, earning him the admiration of his peers.  
Gilles continues to participate in charitable causes for children through his cakes. A cake artist, a sculptor, a Dad and husband, Gilles Leblanc has many roles, but whatever he does, his talent and passion are always present.
“Why do I want to part of the Katy Sue Design Team? Is simple, what an honor it would be to be part of such a group with great products.” Thank you Gilles, we are thrilled to have you on board.
Gilles had a great time using our new Ornamental moulds this month. Take a look at more of the beautiful work he produced.
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