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Singing Choir Boy by Noreen

Singing Choir Boy by Noreen


Deck the halls with boughs of holly, Fa la la la la la la la!

Follow this step by step guide to create your very own Singing Choir Boy using our Head mould and Arms mould!

Step 1

singing-choir-boy-tutorial-using-head-and-arms-mould-step-1Start by making the choir boys robe outfit by moulding a red cone into approx. 2” shape.

Step 2

singing-choir-boy-tutorial-using-head-and-arms-mould-step-2Roll two dots in black for feet; flatten back of dot to create shoes.

Step 3

singing-choir-boy-tutorial-using-head-and-arms-mould-step-3Glue feet into position.

Step 4

singing-choir-boy-tutorial-using-head-and-arms-mould-step-4Frill bottom of robe to create fabric drape.

Step 5

singing-choir-boy-tutorial-using-head-and-arms-mould-step-5Using flesh coloured fondant fill the Katy Sue Shoulder and Arms mould, release and cut arms at shoulder. – Leave to dry.

Step 6

singing-choir-boy-tutorial-using-head-and-arms-mould-step-6Wrap a rolled out band of red fondant around wrist and glue.

Step 7

singing-choir-boy-tutorial-using-head-and-arms-mould-step-7Make tubing for sleeve and glue the arm into this.

Step 8

singing-choir-boy-tutorial-using-head-and-arms-mould-step-8Making the hymn book, create an oblong tablet in white and cut into edge to create pages.

Step 9

singing-choir-boy-tutorial-using-head-and-arms-mould-step-9Roll out black fondant to create book cover and glue in position white pages. Page print can be added with edible black pen.

Step 10

singing-choir-boy-tutorial-using-head-and-arms-mould-step-10Glue shoulder plate into position.

Step 11

singing-choir-boy-tutorial-using-head-and-arms-mould-step-11Use large ring cutter to create circle in white fondant.

Step 12

singing-choir-boy-tutorial-using-head-and-arms-mould-step-12Cover shoulder plate in edible glue.

Step 13

singing-choir-boy-tutorial-using-head-and-arms-mould-step-12Drape white fondant over shoulder plate to create robe and glue flesh coloured neck into position (I’ve elongated the neck to make room for collar ruffle).

Step 14

singing-choir-boy-tutorial-using-head-and-arms-mould-step-14Frill the edge of a piece of white fondant to create a ruffled collar.

Step 15

singing-choir-boy-tutorial-using-head-and-arms-mould-step-15Then glue collar around neck, make a second and pull outwards from neck.

Step 16

singing-choir-boy-tutorial-using-head-and-arms-mould-step-16Glue arms into position and use props to keep in position until dry.

Step 17

singing-choir-boy-tutorial-using-head-and-arms-mould-step-17Make head using the Katy Sue Head mould and open up singing mouth whilst still soft and roll out preferred colour for hair.

Step 18

singing-choir-boy-tutorial-using-head-and-arms-mould-step-18Apply glue to the head and place hair into position.

Step 19

singing-choir-boy-tutorial-using-head-and-arms-mould-step-19Use pointed tools to give hair effect and style.

Step 20

singing-choir-boy-tutorial-using-head-and-arms-mould-step-20Finally glue head and hymn book into position and leave to dry.

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