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How to use the Medium Log Slice mould with Chef Nicholas Lodge

How to use the Medium Log Slice mould with Chef Nicholas Lodge

In this step-by-step picture tutorial, master cake artist Chef Nicholas Lodge shows you how to use our Medium Log Slice texture mat mould to create a realistic log slice out of fondant or modelling chocolate that would go well with rustic, woodland or nature-inspired cake decorating projects.

1) You will need the Medium Log Slice mould by Katy Sue Designs.

2) Use 85g of white/natural modelling chocolate or ivory/ cream s
ugar paste or rolled fondant.

Note: if using sugar paste or rolled fondant, add 1/8 teaspoon of tylose / cmc and place into a zip-top bag for 10 minutes to firm up.

3) Alternatively use a No 16 and 13 on flower pro size guide.

4) Kneed it into a ball, then flatten and dust with cornflour/cornstarch.

5) Place the fondant into the centre of the Medium Log Slice mould.

6) Roll across in both directions using a small rolling pin.

7) Finish by pushing the paste to the edge using a cosmetic sponge.

8) Here you can see the finished paste.

9) Turn the mould over and peel back the mould from the paste to stop any distortion.

10) Here you can see the finished Medium Log Slice once it has come out of the mould.

11) Using brown dusting powder mixed with some cornflour/cornstarch and a small angled flat brush, brush as shown from the outside to the inside.

12) Here you can see the finished light brown dust.

13) Now take some full strength brown powder and dust around the edge of log slice.

14) Now take some grey dusting powder and dust the rings.

15) Here you can see the dusted grey rings.

16) Here you can see the finished log slice! There are many ways to use this in cake decorating projects, as well as craft projects created in air drying clay.

17) Here I attached the finished log slice to a 12.5 cm/5” cake cut at an angle. 
The side is covered using the Continuous Tree Bark mould.

18) Soften some of the leftover bark paste using water to make a consistency like royal icing and use it to fill in any gaps as needed.

This cake also used the Pine Cones mould, Nuts & Berries mould, and Blackberry & Oak Leaves mould from the Chef Nicholas Lodge Collection, as well as the Flower Pro Ferns mould and the Autumn Leaf Owl mould.


Sweet wishes
Chef Nicholas 💚

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Bev Carter - May 7, 2020

Brilliant Thanks

Bev Carter - May 7, 2020


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