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Black & Silver Bas-Relief Cake

Black & Silver Bas-Relief Cake


Julie’s Cake in a Box shows you how to create a striking look in your cake decorating using our Mini Cherubs and Bas-Relief moulds. Read on to see how…

Katy Sue moulds used:

Edibles required:

  • 6′ round sponge cake
  • Buttercream
  • Black Sugar paste
  • Dinkydoodle Airbrush paint in ‘Pearl’
  • Tylose powder
  • Edible glue 
  • Royal icing

Equipment required:

  • 10′ round cake drum
  • Rolling pin
  • Smoother
  • Airbrush
  • Black 15mm ribbon
  • Non-toxic glue stick
  • Paintbrush (for edible glue)


Step 1

Black-and-Silver-Bas-Relief-Cake-Step-1Cover 10′ round cake drum with sugar paste.
Fill and crumb coat 6′ sponge cake with buttercream, then cover with black sugar paste and attach to cake drum with royal icing or sugar paste mixed with a little water.
Add tylose powder to black sugar paste and make 3 lengths of rope border with the Serrated Rope Borders mould. Attach to bottom of cake with edible glue.


Step 2

Black-and-Silver-Bas-Relief-Cake-Step-2Using the black sugar paste (with added tylose powder) make 5 pairs of cherubs/hearts using the Mini Cherubs mould and a selection of embellishments, using the Rose Stems and Blossoms & Birds moulds.


Step 3

Black-and-Silver-Bas-Relief-Cake-Step-3Airbrush the black embellishments with Pearl airbrush paint until they turn silver.


Step 4

Black-and-Silver-Bas-Relief-Cake-Step-4Attach the cherubs and hearts evenly in pairs around the top edge of the cake, using edible glue.


Step 5

Black-and-Silver-Bas-Relief-Cake-Step-5-BlossomsArrange the remainder of the embellishments around the side of the cake using edible glue to attach.






Step 6


Julies-Cake-in-a-Box_Silver-Flowers-1Finish by attaching 15mm black ribbon to the edge of the cake drum using a non-toxic glue stick.

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