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Bas-Relief Birdcage Cake by Julie Rogerson

Bas-Relief Birdcage Cake by Julie Rogerson

Bas-Relief Birdcage - Julie Rogerson

If you’re in need of inspiration using your new Bas-Relief moulds then look no further than this beautiful piece of sugary art coming to you from Julie’s Cake in a Box

Katy Sue moulds used:

Edibles required:

  • 8” round sponge cake
  • 6” round sponge cake
  • 4” round sponge cakes x2
  • 4” half sphere sponge cake
  • Buttercream
  • White Sugar paste
  • Pale pink sugar paste
  • Pale green sugar paste
  • Pale blue sugar paste
  • Tylose powder
  • Edible glue 

Equipment required:

  • 12” round cake drum
  • Dowels
  • Rolling pin
  • Smoother
  • Sugar extruder gun
  • Sharp knife
  • Paintbrush (for edible glue)


Step 1



Cover a 12” cake drum with pale pink sugar paste and set aside.
Fill, crumb coat and cover an 8“round cake with the same pale pink sugar paste and a 6” round cake with pale green sugar paste.
Make a birdcage shaped top tier using 2 4” round cakes and a 4” half sphere cake. Fill, crumb coat and cover with pale blue sugar paste.
Dowel and stack the 3 tiers on the cake drum, securing tiers with royal icing.
Add tylose powder to a small amount of pale pink and pale green sugar paste and use the Katy Sue Serrated Rope Borders mould to make a trim to go around the bottom 2 tiers. Attach with edible glue.


Step 2



Use white sugar paste (with tylose powder added) to make Serrated V’s (Katy Sue Mini and Micro mould). Attach around bottom and top edges of the birdcage with edible glue, ensuring that they are aligned with each other.


Step 3



Use a sugar extruder gun to make thin white strips of white sugar paste, attach to the birdcage cake to join up each serrated v.


Step 4



Make a selection of birds and flowers/leaves with white sugar paste (treated with tylose powder) and attach to the bird cage cake with edible glue. Roll a fairly thin sausage with the white paste and make into a hoop shape. When dry, attach to the top of the birdcage with edible glue.


Step 5



Use pale pink sugar paste (with added tylose powder) to make a selection of roses using both the Rose Stems mould and the Rose Medley mould. Attach to the bottom, pink tier, with edible glue.


Step 6



Use pale green sugar paste (with added tylose powder) to make a selection of flowers, leaves and birds using the Blossoms and Birds mould. Attach to the middle green tier with edible glue.


Step 7



Decorate the board with pale pink rose swags using the Rose Medley mould. Finish by adding a white 15mm ribbon around the edge of the cake drum.




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