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Meet the Current Katy Sue Designs Cake Design Team – Babara Hoogendoorn

Meet the Current Katy Sue Designs Cake Design Team – Babara Hoogendoorn

As we are currently recruiting for new Design Team members, we thought it was about time we showed off our current members – so over the next few days we will be showcasing their work!

Barbara Hoogendoorn – the Mouldshop

When I was younger, my mother would let me have her kitchen and oven on Saturdays. I loved experimenting with ingredients and baked a lot of cakes, cookies and other sweet stuff. When I left home the baking habit kind of faded away. Until our fist son was born 12 weeks prematurely and when he turned one we threw a big party to celebrate his life! We ordered a huge cake with 5 layers from one of the best bakers in our city. It was delicious but it looked nothing like I had imagined… And that’s when I started baking again. Only this time I also started to decorate my creations. 
Where I used to work as a project leader on labour

cases I started my own cake business within a year ,which has grown into the Mouldshop because it turned out that I just love moulds! Nowadays I only bake cake for friends and family and I’m one of the designers for MjamTaart! magazine in the Netherlands which features 6 times a year.

I’ve been married to my sweet husband for almost 15 years now. Our first son turns 10 very soon (and he’s doing very well!). We have a younger son who’s 5 years old and a little surprise is on the way who will be born in August 2016!
Barbara’s Facebook page is – the Mouldshop.
Here is some of her amazing work!
Want to be a Design Team member? Click here to learn more!
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