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What Happened at Katy Sue This Week 12th -17th October

What Happened at Katy Sue This Week 12th -17th October

Well Emma our top marketing girl got sick!
On Monday she was sick
On Tuesday she was sick
On Wednesday she was sicker
On Thursday, Sue (The Managing Director) said right that’s enough …home!
Hope you’re feeling better Emma and I don’t get wrong for the post

So the result is this post is written by me Sue (and Lucky the Katy Sue Labrador)…and we don’t know how to work the blog Hahaha
O well, work with me guys I’ll give most things a go…..

We got samples back of two new products that we have literally been working months on and they are AMAZING.
This is not something you have ever seen from Katy Sue before and we really hope you will love them….

Samples of the above secret product/s started to be sent out.
To be honest it has over ran so much that we are now way behind for a scheduled TV launch later this month, so everyone is pitching in for samples.

Can’t remember what happened…hmmm o yes I do
Inserts for three new design mats that are launching in Nov arrived. OMG one of them Wow, Wow, Wow
Got the Create and Craft TV newsletter re the new Cake Decorating shows on every Sunday at 5pm Cake Academy and can’t wait to see that.

Sent Emma home and everyone else started coughing!
Noreen has got a creak in her neck from all her sample making for the secret product (see Monday)

Van packed and off to a local craft show which is on tomorrow (we don’t do a lot of show’s but this one is on our doorstep)
Last minute preparations for the New Sugar Buttons Animals launch which is The One Day wonder on Create and Craft TV Monday 19th starting at 4pm and 7pm

Noreen and Doreen did the craft show (and thank you to John in production for providing some much needed help with van loading etc).

Meanwhile I have been busy making sure we have our booking correct for the Hong Kong Bakery expo in early December.

So that is definitely the shortened version of the week at Katy Sue……. now just to see how this posting works!

Noreen at the local Craft Show today.

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