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What happened at Katy Sue HQ this week? 18th – 24th October

What happened at Katy Sue HQ this week? 18th – 24th October

Hi everyone! What a week! So many new products, so little time!


The very first Cake Academy show was broadcast today. And even though it wasn’t technically at Katy Sue HQ, we were all excited for the first specialist Cake Hour on Create and Craft so I’m including it anyway! 

If you missed the first show presented by Rosie Cake-Diva, you can catch up here, from anywhere in the world.


Monday was my first day back after being sick last week, unfortunately I must have infected Claire the newest member of the Katy Sue team as she has been coughing and sneezing all week!

What a day to go back to. The Sugar Buttons Animals and DVD launched today on Create and Craft, It was a one day wonder so Kathryn Sturrock demonstrated on 3 different shows over 2 days and did a great job. We’re so happy you all seem to love the animals and we can’t wait to see what you do with them!



You may remember from a What Happened post from a couple of weeks ago (here) that Noreen was teaching Jo how to make a Halloween Trick or Treat Tin. 

Here’s Jo’s finished ‘masterpiece’ – her words haha! We think it’s fantastic! 


The great thing is that Micky our Finance Manager has now been inspired to make one with his children! They went to the Gateshead craft show and loved creating with the clay.
It seems crafting is infectious!

It’s getting exciting now! Remember last week? Sue mentioned the top secret project we’ve been working on for months and months? Well we can announce that we now have a range of adult Colouring Books!!! 

There are two books (for now) called Le Shoe and Nautical Adventures and the fantastic illustrations in both have been created by artist Sandra Rushton. These books are aimed at adults who want to enjoy the relaxing benefits of colouring whilst learning how to improve their colouring skills. 

They will be available on Create and Craft TV from Thursday 29th October! The show is on first at 12 noon in the UK and then later at 5pm in the UK and simulcast in the US!


Today we got the initial delivery of the two books, it was very exciting!
We also got some of the samples back from the Design Team, these will be shown on the TV, but here’s a sneak peek of a coloured page from Nautical Adventures! Shhhh!!

The first proper delivery of books came today! Here they are in our warehouse:

It was very much a team effort getting these books where they needed to be today! That’s the great thing about the Katy Sue team, we’re all willing to help where we’re needed. We had people from Sales, Marketing and Production all lending a hand in the Warehouse today! Never a dull moment at Katy Sue HQ!

We announced our gorgeous Baby moulds! The newsletter announcing that they will be on this Sunday’s Cake Academy (5pm!) went out at lunchtime and by mid afternoon we had already had a phone call from a customer saying how great she thought they were! That’s what we like to hear!

We can’t wait to see them on Cake Academy at 5pm on Create and Craft! 

Also, Lucky was in the office today and to do her work she demands lots of attention…..

She makes sure you get your work done by lying next to your chair so you have to stay at your desk!
And because she is so good at what she does she rewards herself with lots of naps!
It’s been a busy week at Katy Sue HQ, but a fun one!

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