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Meet Our Craft Design Team

Meet Our Craft Design Team


We are extremely happy to announce our Craft Design Team line up! There are some new faces to the Katy Sue family we are super excited to have on board.

We’ll be sharing lots of ideas created by these very talented individuals over the coming months. For now we thought you would like to get to know our team starting with our newest members…

Karen McCaughern
Clay Crafts

karen copy

I have always enjoyed crafting and have been doing it now over 18 years.  I started off with cross stitching, moving on to paper crafts and now found my love for clay whether it be air dry or polymer clay.  I love making things for around the home, recycling everyday items, little characters and many more things.  I would class myself still as a hobbyist even though I do sell some of my items in a craft retail outlet in my local town.  I have been working with clay now for just over a year and I find it very relaxing and a good stress reliever.  I love using Katy Sue’s wonderful products, they have made my items look so professional, they are lovely too work with, fantastic quality and very affordable.


Sharon King
Card Making / Paper Crafts

Sharon King - Copy

I am Sharon King and I live in Wiltshire in United Kingdom. I am married with 4 children. I have been paper crafting for about 10 years but I have been knitting since I was 4 so I have been crafting a long time.


A friend of mine got me into paper crafting which is now a passionate pass time of mine. I love to stamp and decoupage images as well. Nothing better than sitting in front of the TV and doing a bit of cutting. I have been a fan of Katy Sue for many years and started the We Love Katy Sue Designs Facebook group of which I am still admin for. The images they use are always so versatile to use on many different projects.. I am so looking forward to working with Katy Sue’s images.


Tina Barnett
Clay Crafts

Tina Barnett

I have been crafting all my life really. I can’t really say it’s a hobby, more like an obsession! I started knitting as a young girl and have been paper crafting for about 12 years. Absolutely love mixed media! I also draw, paint a little, art journaling I love, crochet, embroidery and knitting. I love to have a go at everything!


Well what can I say about Katy Sue Designs? How can you not love them! Their moulds are second to none. I have been a huge fan since Flower Soft. Katy Sue products are quality and lend themselves to so many crafts. I hope to bring a bit of grunge in to the mix and a few unusual projects.


Noreen McKie
Clay Crafts, Card Making/Paper Crafts

Noreen2 -15.6.15 - CopyI have always crafted in some sense from being a very young girl, sewing, knitting, Plaster of Paris mould making and painting, etc etc. I have worked for Susan and Doreen for the past 23 years and every stage of development of the company has brought new crafting outlets. I originally got the job with the company when Sue saw two cakes I had decorated for gifts! I loved making our famous collectors items porcelain dolls and we then moved on to Flower Soft, card making, stamping and CD crafting soon followed on behind!


I now feel back to full circle joining in with sample making using our award winning moulds for craft and cake. The journey has taken me to many places I would never have gone and has been exciting and eventful and, as always, remains a great source of creative pleasure.


Karen Seal
Clay Crafts, Mixed Media

K Seal Headshot - Copy

I craft as a hobby and was introduced, by a friend, about 6 years ago to card making and scrapbooking.  Whilst I love paper craft about 18 months ago I made my first clay cake topper for my nephews wedding and I was hooked from then on.  I love to combine clay with card making and the moulds produced by Katy Sue Designs are so versatile and easy to use. I now use air dry clay as well as polymer clay for anything from a card to Home Décor.


Margaret Waters
Card Making/ Paper Crafts, Clay Crafts

Margaret Waters - Copy

I have been crafting for more years than I care to remember! I suppose I started as a small girl making things out of my Easter egg boxes etc! I then went on to needlework, in particular cross stitch, from which I made cards for friends and family. In the early 80’s I got really hooked on card making.


A few years, and a lot of cards, later I had made a couple of Oriental cards using Flower Soft and gave them to Noreen, from there I was invited to make something with the nursery rhyme toppers and have since then had the pleasure and privilege of making cards, boxes, books, some cake samples and anything else I can think of with the wonderful Katy Sue products.

My main priority has always been my work for Katy Sue Designs – the beauty and quality of all of their products makes them a joy and a pleasure to work with and I am honoured to have been part of the design team for so long.


Victoria Heasman
Clay Crafts, Jewellery

NEW Victoria Heasman Head Shot - Copy

I have always crafted and started when I was very young. My mam was a dressmaker and sold sewing machines. I was so small I used the foot treadle with my hand. I started making cards mixed media ect and wanted buttons and embellishments to match. This is when I got addicted to polymer clay. I by chance saw Kathryn Sturrock on C&C creating with polymer clay, I realized its potential and I have never looked back. I have been serious about my creations for about 1 year. I first found Katy sue products when I saw Noreen using Flower Soft! Which works well with polymer clay.

Kathryn Sturrock
Clay Crafts, Card Making/ Paper Crafts

Kathryn Sturrock

Kathryn Sturrock has been creating her cute characters for 20 years, making her polymer clay figures for home décor and handmade cards.

She has taught her unique modelling style to students up and down the country as well as regularly appearing on UK TV in the Crafting With Clay shows. As demand for her characters grew, Kathryn partnered with award-winning mould manufacturer Katy Sue Designs® to produce her own range of character moulds.

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