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Fantasy Dragon Head Tutorial - Craft Project

Fantasy Dragon Head Tutorial - Craft Project

Over the last few weeks local artist Emma Harbottle has been working very hard at Katy Sue HQ creating this fearsome Game of Thrones style dragon head, using the brand new Dragon Skin and Dragon Eyes Moulds. She has filmed in depth tutorials on how you can make your own Mounted Dragon Head and you can watch the first two just below, as well as her Facebook Live, which is ready to watch back now.  

Here is Emma Harbottle's Facebook Live, with Noreen McKie

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The Dragon's Structure
In this stage, you will see how Emma has created the Dragon's structure.


The Dragon's Skin

In this stage, Emma will be adding the skin to the dragon, Emma uses our Dragons Skin Mould, which creates a detailed texture, mimicking the skin of a Dragon.


The Dragon's Teeth and Spikes

In this stage, Emma adds the Teeth and Spikes using Heart Clay, using a drill to help support the larger spikes.


Painting the Dragon - The Finale
Emma firstly paints him black, then by adding a deep red paint, Emma really brings this dragon to life!

Tools you will need to create this dragon yourself:  

• A Drill
• Super Glue
• Rolling Pin
• Wire Cutters
• Scissors
• Silver Foil
• Modelling Clay Tools
•  Super Glue
• Chicken Wire

Air Drying Hearty Clay
• A base for your Dragon
• Black Paint
• Paint for the Dragons skin colour
- The colour is up to you!

Katy Sue Dragons Range (Free Claws)
• Katy Sue Dragons Eyes
• Katy Sue Dragons Skin



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Kath - September 6, 2019

Having purchased the mould’s I’ve been making a few cards. I’ve been looking for a larger project. This looks fantastic, thank you for sharing. Can’t wait to try this out with my grandson Jack. Will the continuing parts be stored on fb or YouTube?

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