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How to make a Footballer Cake Topper

How to make a Footballer Cake Topper

Use this three colour method to create a fondant Footballer cake topper. Big and little strikers will love this character made in their team colours. You can also easily adapt to make a male or female figure. Perfect for birthdays or squad celebrations!

Follow the step-by-step instructions and watch our video to create this top scoring cake decoration.

What you'll need:

Make your Footballer!


  1. Take your Footballer Mould and apply a small amount of vegetable fat such as Trex (alternatively, dust with cornflour and tap out any excess), as this will help release the fondant from the mould.
  2. We’re using three colours of paste. This will give more vibrant colours than painting over a single colour.
  3. Begin by pressing the paste into the head, filling up to the neckline.
  4. Then fill the shirt in your team colours. DO NOT fill this section to the top so you can add more paste later.

  5. Use a third colour for the shorts. Again, don’t fill the section all the way. Overlap colours slightly so your figure will hold together. Neaten the edges around the short bottoms and shirt sleeves.
  6. Use a small lollipop stick to help the pieces of paste hold together. Embed into the paste.
  7. It’s VERY important to overlap the paste for the arms with the yellow of the shirt. This will add strength to the arms and prevent them falling off later.
  8. Fill in the legs. Extend the paste slightly over the shorts to add strength.

  9. Gently flex the mould and release the figure, starting at the head. If desired, change the pose of the arms while the paste is still wet.
  10. Make the boots using one colour of paste. Release from the mould and drill a hole all the way through each boot using a cocktail stick. Highlight facial detail, colour socks and boots with food safe pens or paints.

  11. Before the paste dries and firms up, insert a cocktail stick into each leg. Add a little edible glue before putting on the boots. Leave to dry overnight.
  12. Insert the cocktail sticks into pre-made holes on top of your cake.

Crafters can try this too!

This method will also work with air drying clay for craft projects! Perfect for footy birthday cards, team trophies, soccer signs and much more.

Football theme

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