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Flower Pro Design Team Tributes to Chef Nicholas Lodge

Flower Pro Design Team Tributes to Chef Nicholas Lodge

We began collaborating with Chef Nicholas Lodge in 2017 to design a range of moulds that would make sugar flower making easier, quicker and accessible to both hobby cake decorators and professionals. With the fledgling collection launched, Chef Nicholas and Katy Sue selected a talented group of cake decorators and crafters to form the Flower Pro Design Team.

This international group of artists were the first to receive each Flower Pro mould off our production line. Under Chef Nicholas' guidance, they helped us make his vision a reality, creating their own unique cakes and crafts using Flower Pro to inspire our customers.

On the anniversary of the passing of Chef Nicholas Lodge, the Flower Pro Design Team have created these wonderful tributes to his memory.


Veronica Seta

Veronica Seta

I named my piece 'In Nicholas’ Garden'

A tribute to you my dear friend and mentor Nicholas Lodge. You left us so fast and too early and will always be missed so much. We shared the same passion for Oriental culture and of course springtime flowers. In this piece everything reminds me of your passion for life, your legacy and your incredible teachings. You will always live in our hearts and in our works because you've been loved so much.

The moulds I used are among my favourites because I love every piece of the Flower Pro Collection:
Companion Tool
Blossoms Mould and Veiner
Peony Mould and Veiner
Size Guide
Rose Petal Cutters
Filler Flowers Mould



The Glam Bijoux

Dear Nick,

Although you are no longer with us, I will always carry you in my heart, and I thank life for having known you because you left in me the best teaching in flowers and every time I see your videos I ask myself why you left, you always had an answer for everything and when I think that you are no longer here my eyes fill with tears to think that you had so much to give and so much passion for what you did, and I only ask that you find yourself in a beautiful place full of flowers and lots of green.

You will always be in my heart, with much love,



Chrissie Boon

I was so lucky to have Nick in my life. A dear friend who supported me and advocated for me so much in the sugar world. To say I've felt lost this past year without him is an understatement. I was honoured that Nick encouraged me in the ways that he did. That he threw my name out there for so many opportunities. One of them being working with him as part of his flower pro team. Not just to create sample products but often times asking me to be involved in teaching or surprising me by selecting some of my work for his books and tutorial images. I don't think I'll ever feel so honoured as when those books would come in the mail and I'd flip through them for the first time. I can just imagine his smile when I would message him to thank him. Him knowing he'd surprised me again. He did nothing but hold others up and encourage us all.

Sweet Marguerite Cakes

Nick was, and remains, an icon of the cake decorating world and is sorely missed. I was immensely proud to receive his support and encouragement. 

To commemorate Nick, I have chosen bold, bright colours together with gold, because Nick shone with brightness and colour.  I chose roses, because they are such a classic and I recently received a bouquet of roses in these colours and knew they would be perfect.  

Flower Pro Moulds:
Rose Cone Mould
Five Petal Rose Cutters
Ultimate Petal Veiner
Wedding Foliage Mould (ruscus)



Sadie May Cakes

I remember Nick's kindness and generosity. He was never too busy to give advice and I was thrilled to be chosen to be a member of the Flower Pro Team. He was an absolute legend. My cake reflects 'sweet wishes' his sign off on all of his messages. Fun, kind and generous soul, a friend and mentor to many. 

Flower Pro moulds:
Filler Flowers Mould (blossoms)
Lily Mould
Peony Mould
Poppy Mould
Ferns Mould



Jo Wieneke

The Dendrobium orchid is the first orchid I learned from Chef Nicholas Lodge many years ago in his school. So when he designed and released the Orchid Flower Pro Mould, the Chef encouraged me to make projects for a variety of orchids from which the single Mould can produce. I successfully made my first Flower Pro Orchid Spray for a Debutant Cake with 70 cascading green Dendrobiums. The Chef was so pleased that the single Mould system can produce massive amount of flowers, and that it saved me a considerable amount of production time! Indeed it has become my favourite and most used Mould.

For this arrangement, I present these Dendrobiums using the Orchid Mold and the Chef's classic petal dust colour he named The American Beauty, arranged in a Golden Pineapple that symbolises his welcoming personality. 

I dedicate these 'American Beauty Dendrobiums' to the great Chef Nicholas Lodge, My Teacher, My Mentor, My Cake Hero, My Friend...


Dear Chef,

I know how to cake because of you, for what I know about cake and sugarcraft, I learned from you, you encouraged me, you honed my skills, you gave direction to my cake and sugar life. You left us equipped with knowledge and skill and confidence... whenever I see Green I will always think fondly of you. Thank you for everything, forever grateful for your generosity. You will be forever in my heart. I miss you much!



Dawn Dryburgh

Flowers symbolise various virtues such as love faith and hope. The creation of Flower Pro has been used and will continue to be used by many to create pieces of art and cakes such as weddings and celebration pieces.

Nicholas's love of flowers and teaching has been instrumental in the cake decorating arena and beyond, and will live on along with his memory. He will be sadly missed and fondly remembered. 

Flower Pro moulds:
Petal Veiner
Multi Leaf Veiner
Filler Flowers (hydrangea)
Peony Mould
Wedding Foilage (eucalyptus)




Chef Nicholas' legacy

Flower Pro will forever be dedicated to the memory of Chef Nicholas Lodge. Our Flower Pro Design Team continue to inspire and we're always thrilled to see our customers share their creations on the Flower Pro Facebook Group, as we know Nick did too.

You can watch Chef Nicholas' amazing Flower Pro tutorials and master classes over on the Flower Pro Video Collection, click here.


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