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Anchors Silicone Mould

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Creating awe-inspiring crafts or cake decoration is smooth sailing with our detailed anchor moulds. Just like anchors themselves, creating an anchor from scratch can be a real drag. That’s why you can now get this amazingly detailed anchor set. The mould includes two different sized anchors that feature a rope that wraps around for extra detailing.

Anchors mould for cake decorating

Dive deep under sea with an inspired nautical themed cake or create shipwrecked maritime cookies. The possibilities are endless when it comes to using our popular anchor cake decorating mould on all sorts of sweets from cakes, cookies, cupcakes chocolates and cake pops, thanks to the food grade silicone ensuring your decoration is done safely.

Anchors mould for crafters

The Quest for the Sea is not complete without these nautical inspired anchor moulds. Couple them with the ropes and knots to add even more detail to your projects. Durable and reusable this non stick mould is your go to for all Anchors inspired projects.

How to use the Anchors silicone mould for clay

How to Use with Fondant or Sugar paste 
Wash and dry moulds well before use and lightly dust with corn flour to ease release. Keeping mould on a flat firm surface, push in a smooth ball of paste. Press paste evenly and firmly into mould without overfilling. Use a rolling pin and apply even pressure to ensure all areas are full and the base is flat. Scrape away any excess paste then push paste away from the edges so that you get a clean release. Turn over mould and release paste embellishment gently onto a clean surface.

Anchors Mould Size Guide

  • Size of mould is 13cm in height by 11cm wide and 1.3cm deep.
  • Large anchor size is 8.5cm in height by 5.2cm wide and 0.8cm deep
  • Small anchor size is 7cm in height by 4.5cm wide and 0.5cm deep
  • Weight 94 grams.


This Anchors silicone mould was designed and created by Katy Sue Designs in the UK and are made with FDA compliant food grade silicone.

You can use the Anchors mould with: 
• sugar paste 
• flower paste 
• modelling paste 
• marzipan 
• chocolate 
• candy 
• boiled sugar 
• cold porcelain 
• salt dough 
• air drying clay 
• polymer clay 
• embossing powder 

  • Dishwasher safe
  • The mould can be used in an oven up to 200°c

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