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Luxury Snow Globe & Winter Scenes Collection

Luxury Snow Globe & Winter Scenes Collection, Assembly Instructions

Welcome to the instructions for your Luxury Snow Globe & Winter Scenes Collection, where you'll discover how to assemble all the elements needed to create 12 stunning 3D cards perfect for the Christmas season.

With just some gluefoam pads, or silicone glue from your craft stash, you'll be ready to embark on a crafting adventure like no other. Follow our instructions closely, and soon, you'll have a collection of 3D cards that are as beautiful as they are heartfelt. Let's get started!

Before we begin, we encourage you to watch our supporting video, which will visually demonstrate each stage of the process and help you learn the tips and techniques to perfectly assemble your very own Luxury 3D Cards. 


Snow Globe Shaker Cards

Snow Globe Step 1

STEP 1Start your card by picking your desired design from the included die cut decoupage sheets and pop out all elements on the design. Following the number order on the sheet, assemble your snow globe scene using foam pads or silicone glue and stick down on top of the corresponding ‘Snow Globe’ topper.

Snow Globe Step 2

STEP 2Take your display globe and add double-sided tape to both sides of the outer rim. Peel back the tape on the bottom of the rim and before sticking it down on top of your assembled design, place a small heap (less is more!) of Polar White Flower Soft® to the centre of your design ready for your display globe to seal it all in.

Snow Globe Step 3

STEP 3Next, peel back the tape on the top of the rim of your display globe and stick down to the inside of your 5x7 aperture card behind the aperture cutout. Take one of the 5x7 insert papers and fold in half. Place inside your card and stick down into place, covering up the back of your globe display.
Snow Globe Step 4

STEP 4: Now it’s time to get creative and decorate! Choose from the included die-cut sentiments, double sided 3D bows and shimmering silver peel-off stickers to bring your vision to life. Need some ideas? Take a look at these marvellous creations by our talented design team, or CLICK HERE for more inspiration.  

Pillow Treat Boxes

Treat Boxes Step 1

STEP 1: Fold back the long, thin glue tab and apply adhesive. Next, following the pre-scored crease line in the center of your flat treat bow, fold the bottom section up to meet the glue tab and secure in place.

Treat Boxes Step 2

STEP 2Now that the basic shape of your treat box is formed, you can now fold in the ends. Next, follow the pre-scored fold lines and, one by one, bend each end into place. Each assembled treat box is perfect for posting your Snow Globe shaker cards.  

3D Bow Creations

Small Bows

SMALL BOWSSelect a small bow and pop it out of the pre-cut sheet to start. Next, take a ruler and score along both dotted lines, then fold over to form your bow shape. Making sure the knot is on top, glue into place. You can stop here for a flat look or you can add some dimension to your bow by carefully pinching each loop with your fingers.

Large Bows

LARGE BOWSSelect your bow and pop all three pieces out from the pre-cut sheet. To create the loops, grab piece 'A', take each outer point and bring it over towards the centre point and glue into place as you go (make sure you don’t fold your bow flat, we want a 3D rounded look). Once formed, glue on top of piece 'B' to add the ribbon tails. Finally, add the knot by wrapping piece 'C' around the centre of your bow.


Congratulations on completing your card-making adventure! You should now have your very own collection of stunning dimensional cards that are ready for sending to those nearest and dearest. Thank you for choosing our card making kit, and we hope this crafting experience has been as enjoyable for you as it has been for us to guide you along the way. Keep up the fantastic work, and happy crafting!

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