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Party Time Guided Quilling Technique Videos

The videos on this page are made to accompany your Party Time Guided Quilling Card Making Kit instructions.

O U R   T O P   T I P S

  • Watch our short video clips showing the techniques below.
  • Don’t use too much glue.
  • To stick a quilling strip down on its edge gently run the edge through a little glue smeared on a plate or plastic sheet OR apply a fine line of glue directly to the template.
  • Work on your project in good lighting.
  • Use sharp scissors to cut your paper.
  • Fine nosed craft tweezers help make it easy to place your strips down.
  • Have fun!

Quilling Technique Videos

When reading your instructions you will find detailed descriptions of quilling techniques needed to complete your project. The following videos show you these techniques demonstrated to make it easier for you to learn the art of quilling.

Teardrop Leaf / Petal

Roll the strip around the quilling tool and carefully let the shape unwind to the instructed diameter (you can use a quilling board to help with this). Once you have the right size, add a little glue to the paper edge to close the shape.

Peg / Tight Coil

Roll strip tightly around quilling tool, apply a little glue to the end and close. Carefully remove from tool and neaten centre with a cocktail stick.

Small / Large Loose Scroll

Use the quilling tool as shown to add a curl to the strip. Adjust by hand to add as much or as little curl as required.

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