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Nicholas Lodge Christmas Wreath Cake

Created in collaboration with Chef Nicholas Lodge especially for cake decorators and sugar artists, these moulds give you the ability to make detailed pine cones, nuts & berries, winter spices and holly & mistletoe. Perfect for any seasonal cake decorating projects.

Watch the videos below to see how to make your own stunningly realistic embellishments for your cake decorating projects using the Chef Nicholas Lodge Collection.

Full length video tutorials

Now you know how to use the moulds you can move on to make your own Christmas wreath cake by following this step by step written by Chef Nicholas Lodge.

Step 1 Cut out a ring of sugarpaste / rolled fondant. 
Step 2 Build a sausage on top attaching with edible glue. This could be formed with Rice Krispie treats too. 
Step 3 Add texture using texture mats or tooth/nail brush. 
Step 4 Snip with scissors. 
Step 5 You now have the base of your wreath. I created this on a board and used a little non slip mat to stop it from moving around. 
Step 6 Attach your decorations using piping gel or green royal icing. Then carefully remove the non slip mat.
Step 7 The holly was made, dusted and attached while soft to give a natural look. 
Step 8 Add green royal icing to fill in areas using a 233 Wilton grass tip / nozzle. 
Step 9 Voila, you have your wreath! I put in a food dehydrator for 24 hours to dry out or leave 2-3 days Note : you could build on a thin Cake board covered with Rolled fondant / sugar paste to match the cake then build on this so it can be taken off and kept and then it does not have to be 100% dry as it would be built on the board and stay on the board.

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