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FREE Delivery on all Orders

Flower Pro

Flower Pro

 Introducing Flower Pro, the innovative range of moulds and veiners designed to create a beautiful range of flowers, ferns and leaves for cakes and keepsakes.

New Products

The Flower Pro range has been developed by Katy Sue Designs and Chef Nicholas Lodge. Combining 40 years of experience from Chef Nicholas, who teaches professional sugar flowers internationally with the multi award winning product development team of Katy Sue Designs has resulted in this unique collection of moulds and veiners.

Ultimate Flower Pro Collection

Ultimate Flower Pro Collection

Other Products

New Daisies and Sunflowers 

Quick Videos 

Sugar Flowers, leaves and Ferns 

Make Perfect Sugar Roses With Flower Pro

Filler Flowers

Flower Pro Group

The dedicated Flower Pro Facebook Group aims to connect flower artists and beginners from both the edible and non-edible genres of this beautiful craft. Connecting and inspiring those who make, sugar flowers, cold porcelain flowers, air drying and polymer clay flowers with each other, thus allowing a cross pollination of creativity which isn’t usually found in one place. 

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