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What happened this week at Katy Sue HQ? 25th – 31st October

What happened this week at Katy Sue HQ? 25th – 31st October

It’s been an exciting week at Katy Sue HQ!

Cake Academy! This show was presented by Christina Ludlum from Cakey Bakey Art! Christina is on our Design Team and her samples for the show were fantastic! We launched our two new Baby moulds on the show and they sold out in 40 minutes! We’re thrilled you loved them and we’re looking forward to the full launch on Monday 2nd! 
Catch up on the show HERE.


She also provided a Baby Shoes Template which you can find HERE.
We launched our new Art Colouring Books live on Amazon! This is very exciting for us as we all love the books and really want you all to like them!


Also on Monday, because the Baby moulds had been so popular on Cake Academy we decided to run a competition! A name the new arrivals competition – winner was announced on Friday.

We got word that our promotion in Cakes and Sugarcraft Magazine was live! Check it out here to win a Baby Washing Line mould! 
After being inspired last week Micky, our Finance Manager made this great Halloween Trick or Treat Tin with his children! Just goes to show how simple our moulds can be to use


Noreen had been preparing all week for the show on Thursday and today she showed us her sample pages and cards!
Big day today!! We had two shows on Create and Craft today. If you missed them you can catch up:
If you’re in the UK (or anywhere in the world) and want to watch, click HERE.
If you’re in the UK and want to buy, click HERE.
If you’re in the US and want to watch or buy, click HERE.
They were fantastic shows! Noreen and Sandra took some great behind the scenes photos!




What a fantastic day!!
It was Noreen’s Birthday today! She spent her morning driving back from the TV show, but she had lovely plans for the evening!
And… we announced our Facebook Competition winner! Congratulations to Dee McKenzie who won the Baby Boy and the Baby Girl for the names Molly and Jack. The winning names were picked by Doreen who has spend so much time working with these moulds she wanted the perfect names!
Check our website on Monday to see our two new Baby moulds AND 3 new design mats: Smocking, Knitting and Cable! Here’s a great cake by Sarah Harris from the Cupcake Range showing off our Knitting and Cable mats!

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