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Paper Cutting artist Emma Boyes joins the team!

Paper Cutting artist Emma Boyes joins the team!

We're delighted to announce that paper cutting artist Emma Boyes has joined our award winning product design team.

Whilst Emma has worked exclusively on the Adventures in Paper Cutting range with Katy Sue for over three years, this month sees her take up a full-time position in product design within our growing company.

Emma brings a wealth of design experience and fresh ideas around paper craft trends both in the paper cutting arena and more broadly. The stresses and lockdowns of 2020/21 have seen a significant increase in all craft sales generally as creative consumers try new hobbies, but the Katy Sue paper cutting range has hit the sweet spot with an increase of over 400% in customers trying out this mindful craft for the first time.

“I love paper and there is no bigger thrill than to see a simple sheet of paper being totally transformed into something truly beautiful with just a pencil, scalpel and whatever my imagination allows. I am so very excited to now become a full-time member of team Katy Sue as this allows me to spread my creative wings into so many new areas and to pass my paper passion on to those coming to this craft for the first time,” said Emma.

Our Adventures in Paper Cutting craft pads and kits offer an easy entry level into the hobby which increases in levels of skill, with ready-to-cut templates from simple to more advanced designs in each craft pad. The finished pieces are often then gifted creating another level of enjoyment for both the giver and receiver. Designs include dream catchers, trees, flowers, birds, lions amongst many others, with the simple process of cutting by hand becoming a meditative process by which you become intently aware of the paper transforming into a piece of art.

“I am in total awe of Emma’s creativity and am a long-time fan of her talent, so I along with the rest of the creative team were jumping for joy when she decided to join us full-time. We have been a great partnership for many years on the Adventures product range and I can’t wait to see that expand in 2021,” said Sue Balfour, Katy Sue's CEO.


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