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2020 Cake Design Team Members

2020 Cake Design Team Members

We are extremely happy to announce our 2020 Cake Design Team Members line up! We’ve had a lot of new faces join the Katy Sue family and we’re so excited to have them on board.

We’ll be sharing lots of breathtaking cake images created by these very talented individuals over the coming months, but for now we thought you would like to get to know our team, starting with our newest members. Please give them all a warm welcome!


Dawn Butler – Dinkydoodle Designs – UK 

Hi, I’m Dawn and I’m the 2020 Katy Sue Cake Design Team team leader! In 2010 I turned my hobby and love of making cakes into a small home business, and soon became recognised for my realistic airbrushed cakes.

In 2012 I launched the Dinkydoodle airbrush and colour range which received worldwide acclaim, being regarded as some of the best products in the cake industry. Then in 2014 I invented CakeFrame – a food-grade, purpose-made internal structural support system for cakes which helps you create gravity-defying cakes!

Some of my proudest accomplishments have been when I was crowned Cake Masters Cake Artist of the year in 2016 and as one of the UK’s Top 10 cake artists by Cake Masters Magazine in 2017. I’ve also had the massive pleasure of being commissioned to make a helicopter cake for her majesty the Queen and the Duke of Cambridge, which I made fly!

I’m so happy to be working with Katy Sue Designs and all the fabulous Katy Sue Cake Design Team. We have exciting things planned! 

Facebook Page: Dinkydoodle Designs

Take inspiration from Dawn's Christmas Cake:
Santa Belt Silicone Mould


Alex Coppleman – Mr Alexander’s Sweet Eats - Australia

Hi, I’m Alex. I am 24 years old and I have Down's Syndrome. I’ve always enjoyed baking cake slices and cupcakes, but my favourite part is decorating them. I live in Australia and I have been running my own cake business – Mr Alexander’s Sweet Eats – for 3 ½ years.

My cake teacher Karen helps me make and decorate cookies, cupcakes and cakes for my customers. The best part of decorating cakes is seeing people’s faces when I give the finished cake to them. They are always surprised at what I can do.

I am very proud of my cakes so far and I love a challenge to try new things; especially when I get to attend classes with amazing teachers from all over the world. When I take my salted caramel slices to a class, the teachers don’t want to share them with the other students!

I like using Katy Sue moulds because they make it easy for me to add fun details to my cakes with less help from my teacher.

Facebook Page: Mr Alexander's Sweet Eats

Take inspiration from Alex's Christmas Cake:
Reindeer Sugar Buttons Mould
Fir Tree Silhouette Mould
Christmas Embellishments Mould


Dale Patrick-Evans –Pick ‘n’ Mix Parties and Gifts - UK

Hi, I'm Dale and I am 21 years old. I started my business in January 2016 by making and selling sweet cones for kid’s parties with my mum, who used to make cakes as a hobby for friends and family.

My mum said that if I wanted to offer cakes as part of my business, that I needed to be able to make them. So, since February 2016 I have been decorating cakes for all occasions, from single-tier birthday cakes to multi-tier wedding cakes. In October 2017 I also started to grow my business further by experimenting with different flavour chocolate truffles and have since grown the chocolate side of my business to offer over 15 different flavours of truffles and many other chocolate products.

Fast forward to now and I have gained five awards, including a Certificate of Merit in the wedding category at Cake International Birmingham 2018 and a Bronze Award in the wedding category again at Cake International Birmingham 2019.

Since joining the Katy Sue Design Team in August 2018, I have loved working with all of the new moulds and seeing what I can create with them. I love letting my imagination run free and creating cakes that I wouldn’t normally create.

Facebook page: Pick 'n' Mix Parties & Gifts

Take inspiration from Dale's Christmas Cake:
Large Antler Mould
Pine Cones
Flower Pro Rose Cones & Thorns Mould
Flower Pro Multi Leaf Veiner Mould


Jennifer Jenkins Kennedy – Jenny’s Haute Cakes - USA

Hi, I’m Jenny and I am a self-taught cake artist from Denver, Colorado. I took a break from practising law 12 years ago to raise a family. I have four beautiful children ranging in age from 8-18. I started making cakes as a hobby and fell in love with the artistic side of it.

I started my business Jenny’s Haute Cakes in 2012. I specialize in custom special occasion cakes. I particularly like making novelty painted and sculpted cakes, and modelling figures. I am a certified Wilton Instructor and I have been a Sugar Angel for Icing Smiles for the past 6 years, and regularly donate cakes for charitable causes.

In 2012 I entered my first cake contest, Sweet Times in the Rockies (STITR), and won the People’s Choice Award, and since then I’ve been lucky enough to win competitions and have my work featured in magazines around the world, such as Cake Masters Magazine, American Cake Decorating Magazine and Sugar Magazine India. Most recently, this year I won Best in Show at the Colorado Chocolate Festival.

Facebook Page: Jenny's Haute Cakes

Take inspiration from Jenny's Christmas Cake:
Fir Tree Silhouette Mould
Nutcracker Mould
Ballerina Sugar Buttons Mould
Christmas Baubles Mould


Lisa Ogden – Oggys Cakes - UK

Hi, I’m Lisa and I live in Lichfield, UK. I blame my mum for my baking obsession! I can’t remember a time in my childhood that she wasn’t making cakes for friends and family. However my interest in cake design and sugarcraft remained a hobby while I followed a career in accounting.

I married in 1995 and had three sons who are my harshest critics and brilliant taste testers. With the encouragement and support of family and friends following the arrival of my youngest son, Oggys Cakes was launched in 2006. Although I do make ‘sensible’ cakes my favourite cakes are the fun and quirky ones, and I love it when my clients set me a challenge. 

I am completely self taught and really enjoy learning new skills and techniques. I’m really looking forward to being part of the Katy Sue Design Team. Due to the quality and ease of the products, they enable cake makers to give profession results regardless of the skill level.

Facebook Page: Oggys Cakes

Take inspiration from Lisa's Christmas Cake:
Reindeer Sugar Buttons Mould
Penguin Sugar Buttons Mould
Snowman Sugar Buttons Mould
Santa Belt Mould


Monika Stout – Truly Scrumptious Cakes - USA

Hi, I’m Monika and I’m the owner of Truly Scrumptious Cakes in Encinitas, California. I spent years as a graphic designer, working at a drafting table with T-square and triangle, assembling the then-complex layers of commercial art. But, with the move to computers, I missed working with my hands to create something beautiful. I took a cake decorating class with the aim of making original cakes for my children. Once I began, however, I realized that this is what I was born to do!

Over the last ten years I have been lucky enough to build a successful custom cake shop where I create one-of-a-kind works of sugar art, as well as teaching sweet and savoury classes for the last six years. I currently work as a cake artist and food stylist for the popular Netflix show, Nailed It as well as behind the scenes on Sugar Rush and have styled a number of magazine covers. 

I love the Katy Sue products because they are so unique and creative. The moulds are made from quality materials and the designs are the most detailed I have ever seen. They make decorating a breeze. Whatever design you are looking to create, Katy Sue has a mould to help you take it to the next level!

Facebook Page: Truly Scrumptious Cakes

Take inspiration from Monika's Christmas Cake:
Small Antlers Mould
Christmas Baubles Mould
Brickwork Silicone Mould
Knitting Mould


Natasha Rice – Natasha Rice Cakes - USA

Hi, I’m Natasha. I’m from California and I created my first cake in 2010 for my daughter’s birthday party. I was a fan of cake shows on television and thought to myself, “I could do that, how hard could it be?”

Well, little did I know it wasn’t as simple as it looked. I spent weeks teaching myself what I needed to know to decorate a cake. I spent more money on my supplies than just purchasing a cake from a bakery, and overall my cake didn’t look like the ones on television.

Even though my first cake wasn’t a success, I loved the creative process that went along with cake decorating. After that, I started making cakes for friends and family, and over the years it went from a hobby to a profession. I love Katy Sue molds because of their quality, details, and great range of designs. The molds give my cakes that professional clean look that I am known for.

Facebook Page: Natasha Rice Cakes


Take inspiration from Natasha's Christmas Cake:
Pine Cones Mould
Large Antlers Mould
Word Perfect Holidays Set Mould
Holly & Mistletoe Mould


Samantha Gojak – Wicked Cakes - Australia

Hi I’m Samantha from Wicked Cakes. I’ve always been artistic and over the years I’ve been involved in creative hobbies from painting to papercraft. I studied Design at the University of New South Wales in Australia and worked as a Jeweller/Goldsmith for 10 years until I started a family and turned my fine metal working skills towards all things sugar.

I love the challenge of cake decorating competitions and have brought home numerous ribbons over the past 10 years, as well as sharing my skills at local Cake Decorating Guild and Association meetings and being a guest demonstrator at the Cake Decorating Guild of NSW’s Sugar Showcase twice.

I have been designing and teaching a variety of cake decorating classes for the past six years. Sugar is still my artistic medium of choice – my killer sweet tooth may have something to do with that!

Cake decorating and sugar art have brought some of my favourite people into my life, from both nearby and thousands of miles away, I can’t wait to see what else is in store for me on this sweet ride!

Facebook Page: Wicked Cakes

Take inspiration from Samantha's Christmas Cake:
Stone Silicone Mould
Holly & Mistletoe Silicone Embossers


Sarah Arnold – Sarah’s Biscuit Bar – UK

Hi, I’m Sarah. I started my cake and biscuit decorating journey back in 2009 when I attended a class run by the internationally renowned cake designer and sugar craft expert, Lindy Smith. From that moment I was instantly hooked, and my dream one day was to build my own business to allow me to create individually designed cakes and biscuits every day!

I spent the next four years juggling this new found passion with the necessities of my day job – however in 2014 I finally took the plunge and left my corporate life and moved to Devon where I was blessed with the time to rekindle my love of baking.

During that time I attended classes so that I could improve my skills and become more confident to experiment at home. After watching literally hundreds of tutorial videos I felt I was finally in a place to create Sarah’s Biscuit Bar.

I am so excited and honoured to be part of the Katy Sue Design Team and look forward to creating pieces of art using their fabulous moulds which I have already been using for many years.

Facebook Page: Sarah's Biscuit Bar


Take inspiration from Sarah's Christmas Cookie Platter:
Santa Head Mould
Christmas Sign Posts Mould
Christmas Bells Mould
Little Tree Silhouette Mould 
Merry Christmas Mini Plaque Mould
Clock Mould
Brickwork Mould
Cable Mould
Stitched Teddy Bear Mould
Bow Trio


Sarah Harris – The Cupcake Range - UK

Hi, I'm Sarah and I am a chartered public sector accountant by day working in local government as a Strategic Audit Manager. My role is to protect the public purse from fraud, error or poor value for money; it is a career I care passionately about.

My two sons are grown up now and mostly not at home so when I am not working I love baking, especially cake making and decorating. I first became a member of the Katy Sue Design Team in 2015. Since then I have grown in confidence and have learnt so much about cake decorating! I have had such fun making creations with their moulds; and it has led to many new and exciting experiences.

In 2017 I entered the cupcake category at Cake International in London for the first time and won Gold and third place in my class; it was just brilliant that the Katy Sue team were there to share in my joy.

Then in 2018, the year I was celebrating my 30th wedding anniversary, I won a Christmas cake decorating competition with Dr Oetker (using Katy Sue moulds in my chocolate log design). The prize was an all expenses long weekend trip to Zurich, Switzerland for two including a chocolate tasting tour! It was the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary.

Facebook Page: The Cupcake Range

Take inspiration from Sarah's Christmas Cake:
Santa Topper Mould
Reindeer Sugar Buttons Mould
Penguin Sugar Buttons Mould
Happy Christmas Large Plaque Mould 
Christmas Bells Mould
Continuous Quilting Mould
Knitting Mould
Dog Sugar Buttons Mould
Christmas Embellishments Mould
Wood Panel Mould


Sofia Raposo – Sophia Fox Cake Designer - Portugal

Hi, I am Sofia, the cake artist behind Sophia Fox Cake Designer, and I am from Seixal, Portugal.

From an early age I developed a great passion for the arts. I graduated in Architecture in 2006 and have over eight years of professional experience in that field.

However, I discovered the world of creative pastry in 2012 and fell in love. Since then I have successfully participated in national and international competitions and I have been published in cake art magazines. Most recently, I won the Cake Master Award for the Category of Painted Cakes and also a gold medal award at Cake International in Birmingham.

Since 2013 I have been teaching classes on modelling, painting and creating textured cakes and wafer paper flowers both in Portugal and in other countries around the world. This led me to open the Sophia Fox Cake Art Studio five years ago in Portugal - a space dedicated to training in various styles of artistic decoration for cakes, pastries, as well as offering courses and master classes.

Facebook Page: Sophia Fox Cake Designer

Take inspiration from Sofia's Christmas Cake:
Large Antlers Mould
Santa Belt Mould


Teresa Antonowicz – Teresa’s Sweet Creations – USA

Hi, I'm Teresa and I’m a stay at home mom of two children. I’ve got no fancy pastry schooling background, I graduated in Marketing and Management from a university in Poland, but I've always loved crafts and making things.

One day, I decided I wanted to start making my kiddos some cool birthday cakes because my little princess didn’t like any from my local bakery. I looked up some YouTube videos and books, started dabbling in a li’l bit o’ this and a li’l bit o’ that… and I did my first fondant cake in 2012 for my daughters second birthday and everybody loved it.

Over time I started to get more and more orders so set up my Facebook Page Teresa's Sweet Creations where I make custom cakes for special occasions.

Facebook Page: Teresa's Sweet Creations

Take inspiration from Teresa's Christmas Cake:
Nutcracker Mould 
Santa Belt 
Holly & Mistletoe Mould

Teri Pringle Wood – USA

Hi, I'm Teri and I make cookies. It all started a few years ago when I decided to decorate Valentine cookies for friends. It didn’t take long for me to know I was going to have to do a little practice especially since I fell in love with European traditional cookie art.

Since then I have practised with enthusiasm and passion to create all sorts of fun and intricate cookies. I enjoy working with Katy Sue as a design team member and use their beautifully detailed moulds to inspire new cookie designs.

Facebook page: Teri Pringle Wood


Take inspiration from Terri's Christmas Biscuits:
Reindeer Sugar Buttons Mould

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Georgette Martha - April 14, 2020

Hi, can I joint the membership to?
I" am already member of the flower-pro group.
But I want to pay so I can’t get the benefits to.
I live in Bonaire Caribish Nederland.

Sherry - January 10, 2020

Am I missing something? I see all these wonderful designs and no instructions except to take inspiration in them. Are there videos? I would love to see how they achieve the final look. I am obsessed with Teri’s delicate pastels and today seeing the Christmas cakes from your team. I really want to learn from your folks. Charge us…just offer the training. Pretty please. With Sugar on top🙏🍪

Franciska Bark - November 19, 2019

Beautiful artists !! I’m also enjoying the moulds of Katy Sue a lot here in Holland!!
Love too work with them. Whatch my GOT cake on my site 😉

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