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Make a Magical Fairy House

Make a Magical Fairy House

Perfect for fans for fairytales, follow craft expert Ceri Griffiths' step by step instructions to make this magical dwelling using cardboard, air drying clay and Katy Sue moulds.

    What you'll need:

    How to make your fairy house:

    Step 1:
    Roughly sketch out the cottage panels onto pieces of 2mm greyboard / card. Cut out the panels and windows using a craft knife and glue all the elements together using a hot glue gun. Cut a small slot into the back of the cottage as this can be used to insert small fairy lights for illumination.

    Step 2:
    Draw the fairy door onto the front of cottage and the add the porch roof above the door so you know where to position it later. Cut pale green acetate for the windows and glue them into place on the inside of the cottage.

    Step 3:
    Mount the cottage onto double stepped square cake drum using a hot glue gun, or you can use wood as an alternative. Cover the whole base giving a foundation of DAS air drying clay, using a watered down PVA to attach the clay to the cake dummy/wood. The clay will dry like cement once and will help solidify the greyboard structure.

    Step 4:
    Roll out Hearty Air Drying Clay and press into the Katy Sue Stone Silicone Mould to add texture. Hand cut the chimney elements and attach using the PVA glue solution. Use the Katy Sue Wood Panel Silicone Mould to create wooden planks to frame the windows and attach using the glue solution.

    Step 5:
    Use the clay wood planks to cover the porch roof and under the eves of the main roof. Create a stone wall using the Katy Sue Fairy Door Silicone Mould
    and attach individual stone pieces for smaller areas. 

    Step 6:
    Press air drying clay into the Katy Sue Fairy Door Silicone Mould, filling only the door section. Flex the mould to release. Cut the small round window out of the door and allow it to dry for a few hours. Cut a small hole in the cottage wall where the door window will be and then glue a piece of pale green acetate over it before attaching the door to the cottage.

    Step 7:
    Make the roof slates by rolling out DAS clay and cutting it into various sized rectangles, then attach using the glue solution so that they randomly overlap with the top of the roof. Continue to overlap the rectangles of clay until you have covered the roof.

    Step 8:
    Make a row of cobbles using the Katy Sue Fairy Door Silicone Mould to surround the door.

    Step 9:
    Create the landscape for your cottage by building up texture using a stipple brush, or an old toothbrush. Remember to leave a small channel at the back of the cottage so that you can add a battery box for the lighting.

    Step 10:
    Paint the cottage with acrylic paints and as each layer of paint dries, add a slightly different shade of colour with a dry brushing technique over the top to add more depth and weathering. 

    Step 11:
    Build a small addition to the back of the cottage to house the battery box and wires for the internal fairy lights of the cottage. This is an important step as this ensures that it is the perfect fit. Cut it freehand from greyboard and use your hot glue gun to attach together. Make clay wooden textured planks and attach to the walls and roof with the addition of a small door at the front. Then paint the addition with acrylic paints to compliment the main cottage.

    Step 12:
    Insert the fairy lights into the cottage and put the battery box into the small addition so it is housed in small stones that are attached to the landscape. Apply PVA glue and sprinkle Katy Sue Green Flower Soft for a moss effect.


    Share the magic!

    We hope you’ve loved making your very own fairy house – we'd love to see it! Please share on our Facebook group to showcase your work and inspire others. CLICK HERE to visit Katy Sue Craft Creations.


    You can find cake and craft expert Ceri Griffiths here:
    Facebook: /CeritheCrafter

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    Dee Oatham - April 19, 2023

    Beautiful houses, Ceri is very talented & always gives very comprehensive instructions with clear pictures. Thank you for the inspiration.

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