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RSVP & Save The Date Step By Step

RSVP & Save The Date Step By Step

Hello all

In our final step by step of the week we will be looking at how to create a RSVP and Save The Date cards.

The Save the Date card is made from the top section of the Multi Function Die Cut you used for the Wedding Invitation earlier in the week.  Cut a piece of the blank card to measure 4 1/2 inches x ( 4 3/4 inches ie. the width of the original card)  fold this in half  to now measure 2 1/4 x 4 3/4.  At a point approx 1/2 from the outside edge cut a small incision fractionally wider than your ribbon along the fold line.  Thread your ribbon through this across the front of the card and secure at the bottom front.  Line the card inside back with backing paper then when you have printed your save the date stick it inside. Use your Save the Date sentiment to cover the join of the ribbon.

The RSVP which can double up as a Thank You card is made to the same dimension.  Each die cut card will make an RSVP and a Thank You card.  (and a bit left over for errors).

This time for your RSVP or Thank You, you will have two folded cards measuring approx 2 1/4 inches x 4 3/4 inches each.  For both cut a piece of backing paper approx 6mm smaller all round the piece of the script matching paper (just fractionally smaller) allowing for the contrast to be visible.  Glue the script paper and your matching paper together.  Then wrap around a piece of ribbon joining at the front.  This will later be covered by either RSVP or Thank you.  This time make the ribbon join at the top on the right hand side of the card, as this is where your sentiment will be placed.  Glue this to the main card.  Take the top off your die cut card and very carefully cut between the petals of each flower to release the flowers as individual flower heads.  (4) in total.  Thread your beads in the same way as before this time using high tack tape, secure them onto your card approx 1/2 from the bottom.  Glue a single flower over the high tack tape and decorate to match other cards.  This card lacks the see through element of all the other toppers but done this way cuts down on expense.  You can now cut small slithers of your backing paper to resemble leaves and place then around the flower in a similar pattern to your other toppers.  Of course there is nothing stopping you from making both your RSVP and Thank You cards in exactly the same way as you have your Save the Date but that uses a lot of card.  Perhaps this could be utilised to make wedding favours.  I will be showing you how to do that another time. Remember if making the same as the Save the Date cards you will need to buy more cards initially.

I hope you find making your cards, both enjoyable, rewarding and much less expensive than buying them.  You will gain great satisfaction being able to say that you have made it all yourself.

A few tips, along the way.  Start with plenty of time to spare, this should be enjoyable and not rushed.  You could get help from your friends, each doing a specific area of the cards.
Work in a clean environment, putting it all away between times.  There is nothing worse than feeling you have worked hard and then spoiled what you have done. 
When calculating what you want for your stationary, please remember to buy a little more than you think you need.  Sometimes matching up colours can be difficult.  

Remember that each and everyone of your items will be viewed by different people, so if you are slightly out with your measuring on some, or there is some slight variance, its unlikely they will ever be viewed together and no one other than you will know.  These will be handcrafted and as such will vary slightly.

The sizes I have made could be varied, I have done them this size to help get the most from your product but you can change anything you want.  Remember though if they have to fit in envelopes make sure the size you are going to make will fit standard envelope sizes.

Good luck and enjoy.


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