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Introducing the new cake decorating team!

Introducing the new cake decorating team!

During this strange time we are so thankful to occupy our time thinking of creative cake designs using our moulds, and what better way to be inspired by our fabulously creative design team!  Here we have a our final cake design team for 2021 and we are so pleased to introduce two new members to the team!  We have the lovely Jo from The Cake Place joining us and Hortensia from Hortensia S Sweets.

Returning for a further year we have, Sarah Harris, Sophia Fox, Teresa Antonowicz, Samantha Gojak, Lisa Ogden, Natasha Rice, Alex Coppleman & Karen Hardie and Jenny Kennedy.

Jo-Anne Johnston from The Cake Place lives just a walk away from the Katy Sue HQ and we are so pleased to have such a talented cake designer so local to us.  Jo's Mum Moira has been a huge help and inspiration to Jo's cake adventure and often joins in the fun when it comes to cake decorating!





Hortensia from Hortensia S Sweets is based in London and is a keen Katy Sue fan and loves making sweet treats for her customers in London using our moulds.  We're really looking forward to seeing what Hortensia does with our new moulds planned for 2021!




Sarah Harris from The Cupcake Range will be wowing us once again with her lovely cake creations, Sarah has been on the cake decorating team since 2015 and we are so pleased to have her for at least another year, as always we can't wait to see what she makes throughout the next 12 months.




We are so pleased to have Sophia Fox remain on the team, Sophia is known for her beautiful hand painted work as she specialises in portraits painted on cakes.  A beautiful mix with our moulds and we can't wait to see her creations this year!





Teresa Antonowicz will remain on the team and surprise us with more of her cake creations!  Teresa specialises in custom cakes making original designs for her customers in New York.






Samantha Gojak from Wicked Cakes will be continuing with us on the team and we can't wait to see how our moulds inspire her this year!  Looking forward to another year of gorgeous creative designs, just like this beautiful winter fault-line creation.





Lisa Ogden from OGGYS CAKES will remain a member on the team with us and we can't wait to see what Lisa get's up to this year with our new moulds.






We have Natasha Rice remaining on the team, Natasha is our Californian design team member in the USA and we look forward to another year of her creative designs.  Natasha specialises in custom cakes, creating personal cakes for her Californian customers.





We have Alex Coppleman and Karen Hardie remain on the team, we can't wait to see what our Australian design team members will do with the latest moulds that we have in pipeline.






Jennifer Kennedy from Jenny's Haute Cakes will remain on the team with us and wow us once again with her creative makes.  Look out for her sophisticated cake makes and creative designs throughout the year.






To keep up to date with all of our design team members make sure to follow us on Facebook and why not join our Cake Decorating group and share your very own makes.

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