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Introducing CakeFlix!

Introducing CakeFlix!

If you're interested in learning more about cake decorating and looking to turn your hobby into a business, read on to find out how Paul Bradford can help you with his online cake courses. 

What is CakeFlix?

The aim of CakeFlix is to grow an online cake tutorial site where members can enjoy a vast range of video content to enhance their cake learning experience. 

However, Cakeflix is much more than just a cake tutorial site, It’s a community. It’s about people who love making cakes, from all different walks of life’s and backgrounds uniting to seek help and share information that will empower cake makers everywhere to achieve their dreams.

What’s their background?

Originally known as the Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School and launching in 2011, Cakeflix was the first membership based online cake school.

Things have moved quickly since then and now with over 195,000 members, the company rebranded to Cakeflix in 2018.

This was in order to change the focus of the brand and start to engage more with what members and the community were asking for.

The brand kept the most popular elements of Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School but added more content and sections to cater to all of our members and thus CakeFlix was born.

What makes CakeFlix different?

 Not only are there weekly feature length courses, but CakeFlix has a TV channel with regular Live Shows where members get the chance to interact directly with owner Paul Bradford and various other world-renowned cake artists. They have 750+ courses to choose from, which can be anything from baking the perfect chocolate cake to creating a 5-tier masterpiece.

They host a techniques section where you can quickly and easily learn a specific skill or technique without having to create an entire cake in the process. There’s also a products section where you can see a variety of different brands in action. Always helpful when looking to decide which tools and ingredients you should purchase next.

Their cake Q&A has a wealth of in-depth knowledge and content to help with any questions you have, at last count there were over 10k posted questions answered.

However, the key change has been that CakeFlix now encourage home artists to film their work and have it published on the website. With only high-level content being published,  this not only allows so many more artists the opportunity to be published but also provides members with a wide and varied selection of tutorials for whatever they fancy creating!

What is the CakeFlix Pro Membership?

This is for artists who look to make a profitable business from cake decorating. CakeFlix offers two membership categories; Premium for all the cake tutorial content and Pro, which includes all the Premium content Plus; over 120 dedicated business videos, downloadable pricing charts and much, much more to equip members with everything they need to know to set-up and run a profitable cake business.

So many cake decorators invest so much time and money on their skill and toolkit, but absolutely nothing on the business basics required to run a profitable cake business, it’s astounding! Members quickly identified the knowledge gap which is why the Pro membership was born.  

Owners, Paul Bradford and David Brice have been in the industry since 2002 and like many involved in the cake industry do when starting off, made so many basic errors that they wish they could have changed. They wanted others to avoid those same mistakes so built a platform for others in a similar situation to learn from and turn their talents and passion into profit.

The Cakeflix Pro membership has a dedicated private Facebook Group and monthly Q&A with Paul & David where they invite questions on any issues that members are facing. It’s lively, informative, but above all, supportive.

What’s next for CakeFlix?

At the moment we know that we have content areas that need to be filled so we are actively seeking contributors for the site. There are also plans in place to have regular featured guests allowing a wide range of skills from a variety of artists and while Paul will always be involved in the content and artist section, the aim is to share the spotlight.

How do people become contributors on Cakeflix?

It’s very simple actually. Just come up with a project concept and email it over to He can them walk you through the stages of arranging a fee to having your video published on the site.

If you are not comfortable filming then there are instructions to help and if you are not confident with editing this can be done by the CakeFlix team.

If you’re interested you can start your 7-day FREE Trial over at CakeFlix, and check out Katy Sue Designs Videos now!


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Cleopatra Odysseos - January 13, 2020

Just want to ask if you have classes and where are you based. Love to join in and improve on my cake making as I have a little bakery in Braintree Essex. Please let me know. Thank you.
Kind Regards,

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