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How to make a Christmas Faultline Cake

How to make a Christmas Faultline Cake

Cake designer Samantha Gojak from Wicked Cakes shows us how to make this amazing show-stopper Christmas cake complete with an arctic geode scene hidden in the faultline of this cake.

The cake-dwelling animals are made using three of our most popular winter moulds – Penguin Family Mould, Polar Bear Family and Icicles Mould.

For the cake itself, we suggest a traditional Christmas fruit cake recipe, but you could make a simple vanilla or chocolate cake instead. You will need to make two 6 inch cakes and a 4 inch cake to follow this design.

Watch Samantha make the Winter Fault Line Cake

What you'll need:

Penguins, Polar Bear and Icicles Mould Bundle
SAVE £4.98 
Bundle Price: £34.99 (RRP £39.97)

Make adorable families of penguins and polar bears complete with icicles for impressively frosty cakes!


Katy Sue Penguins, Polar Bears and Icicles Mould Bundle
• Multi wire tool or a few toothpicks taped together 
• Scraper
• Dowels
• Cake Boards
• White Fondant
• Buttercream
• Rock Sugar (Mishri) available in Asian grocery shops
• Piping gel
• Liquid Colour – Samantha used Royal Blue mixed with Black diluted in Rose Spirit
• Tylo Powder for the use of the Moulds
• Cornflour/Trex to help get the fondant out the Moulds
• Piping gel
• Liquid – Samantha used Royal Blue mixed with Black diluted in Rose Spirit
• Piping gel
• Liquid Colour – Samantha used Royal Blue mixed with Black diluted in Rose Spirit


More ideas using our polar moulds

cake decorating molds

We bet your cake ROCKS!

Share your fault line cake creations on the Katy Sue Cake Decorating Facebook Group, CLICK HERE

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Michele Fordham - April 19, 2023

i have all the moulds and am going to have a go at making this lovely cake

Chrissie - April 19, 2023

Hello! I don’t make cakes, but I do decorate recycled items, like tin cans…I can picture doing this with cans to make neat storage that looks like a cake…and yes, I have the polar bear molds, I think I need to get the penguin set as well. Very cute! Yes, I am going to have to get back into making my ‘cake cans’ once again. Blessings!

Maria Kennedy - August 17, 2022

I already have these moulds, looking forward to making the cake this Christmas as didn’t get the chance last year, no one to eat it 😕

Michelle Good - August 17, 2022

Hi I’ve tried to find where I can purchase the multi wire tool but no look . Do you sell them or know where I can ? Thank you very much . I’ve purchased all of the moods to make this but not got round to it yet can’t wait to have a go .

Pamela Dove - August 17, 2022

This cake is beautiful I would love to have a Go I used the polar bears with a polystyrene ball wish I could send you a photo xxx

Rosanne Sable - August 17, 2022

Would love if you could make an igloo mould, seal, as well as male and female Eskimos. I think of all the creative projects that could be made along with the penquin, polar bear and icicle moulds.

Jan Brockhurst - August 17, 2022

A simply stunning cake design!!!

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