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Create an Adorable Spring Birdhouse Cookie with Chef Nicholas Lodge

Create an Adorable Spring Birdhouse Cookie with Chef Nicholas Lodge

Wave goodbye to winter and say hello to spring with this fab cookie!
It's officially spring and we're thrilled to share with you a tutorial showing you how to create an adorable Spring Birdhouse Cookie from Chef Nicholas Lodge.

Nicholas has used the Wood Panel Silicone Mould  and the Blossoms & Birds Silicone Mould to make this gorgeous spring themed cookie. 

1. Bake a Sugar or Shortbread Cookie. 


2. This was cut out using the Fmm more than a birdhouse cutter.

3. Taking some Renshaw Rolled Fondant / Sugarpaste color using grey with Rainbow Dust ProGel “ Grey “ and mix with a little Brown Rolled fondant / Sugarpaste, In UK use Renshaw Grey and Brown Sugarpaste pull to create lines and fold over and pull again.

4. This as you can see will create a nice wood grain color , Roll out to approximately 1/8” (3 mm) 

5. Using the KSD wood panel design mat place on top of paste 

6. Press down firmly using a Rolled Fondant / Sugar Paste smoother 

7. Remove mat
note : you can make a longer panel as desired if making multiple cookies and repeat texture along paste 

8. Cut out with the cutter making sure to make texture/ lines symmetrical with cutter 

9. Here you can see the finished cut out shape 

10. Cut out using a small round cutter
7/8”(23mm) and the small end of a number 10 tip / tube 

11. Roll out some brown rolled fondant / Sugarpaste and cut out a disc then insert into the cavity.
roll the paste removed using the circle cutter and roll into a sausage the diameter of the smaller hole , cut to 1/2” (12.5mm) long and insert the perch into the cavity using a little piping gel or edible glue 

12. Dust Chocolate Brown dusting powder / petal dust down the lines created by the mat and on the end of the perch 

13. Attach the veneer on top of the cookie / biscuit using piping gel / corn syrup / apple jelly or Apricot glaze 

14. Using the KSD Blossoms and Birds mold/ mould create the large bird , blossom and leaf cluster using modified Rolled fondant / Sugarpaste in lemon and pink 

15. Dust the bird with chocolate brown dust then use brown gel color mixed with vodka to paint detail as shown ,
Paint the beak a stronger shade of brown and eye using Rainbow Dust food art pen ( wide end )
The leaves and stems are painted using white and green gel mixed with vodka to make it opaque and cover over the pink and white and brown for the stems and branches . The blossom centers were painted using white and yellow gel and pink dust in a stronger pink on the edge.

Here you can see the finished cookie/ Biscuit ready for Easter or Spring !
These can be created for other seasons too !
Hope you will enjoy creating these adorable cookies created using the Amazing products from Katy Sue Designs

Sweet wishes and Happy Spring
Chef Nicholas Lodge 💚
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Dearlives - April 3, 2018

I like this spring bird house. And i think i can do something by this diy Tutorial

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