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Christmas CHEAT Treats with Ceri Griffiths

Christmas CHEAT Treats with Ceri Griffiths

How do you quickly and easily make your mince pies amazing, your puddings impressive and your muffins extra merry?

CHEAT your way to a Christmas table filled with festive fancies! Watch Ceri Griffiths make supermarket faire look fabulous, with a little help from Katy Sue moulds.

EDIT: Ceri mentions the Medium Log Slice Mould, though he actually uses the Flower Pro Small Log Slice Mould.

No Bake-Off skills required! Ceri shows us how to transform shop-bought treats with easy-to-mould chocolate and fondant embellishments, a dusting of icing sugar and a bit of imagination.

Decorating with chocolate is a sure-fire win but what type should you use? Do you love to eat cooking chocolate? Nope! Then avoid it and choose your favourite brand instead. As Ceri shows us in the video, white chocolate has the highest fat content so can be more difficult to work with. Choosing dark, or a mix of milk and dark chocolate will give that satisfying 'snap' when bitten into, less likely to melt at room temperature and will have a neater finish.

After something more colourful? Then use fondant – you'll find what you need in the supermarket, or many craft shops also stock a range. Ceri demonstrates how easy it is to mould fondant, add it to a cake or mince pie, and apply colour using shop-bought colours and lustres – literally spray it on and you're done!

We'd love to see your homemade creations! Get the kids involved too and make an afternoon of it, then share your finished treats on our Facebook group, Cake Decorating with Katy Sue Designs (CLICK HERE).


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