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How to Make a Stunning Christmas Gift Cookie with Teri Pringle Wood

How to Make a Stunning Christmas Gift Cookie with Teri Pringle Wood


We’re thrilled to share with you a tutorial from the very talented Teri Pringle Wood.


Teri is a decorative artist that started decorating cookies for friends and family. She quickly found herself selling her limited edition cookies and has built up a large online following.



To download Teri’s design click here.


Materials Needed: 


Katy Sue Designs Moulds



  • 9 inch oval gingerbread cookie
  • Royal Icing, sky blue flood consistency, white piping consistency
  • Adjusted Fondant or modelling paste, white
  • Edible lustre powder, sky blue, violet, green and brown
  • Disco Dust- Snow Sparkle
  • Sparkling sugar
  • Everclear or Vodka



  • Piping bags
  • # 1 piping tip
  • Small round brush for painting colour
  • Dusting brush for adding lustre colour to sky area




  1. Mark a 1″ border around edge of cookie. Pipe border edge and flood centre with blue flood consistency royal icing. Dry overnight.
  2. With dusting brush apply blue lustre to top of sky area. Add violet to centre of sky.
  3. Use modelling paste or fondant strengthened with a little Tylo powder in Season Greetings mould. While fresh from the mould, sprinkle heavily with Disco Dust – Snow Sparkle.
  4. Mark out design on your cookie. Use a piping bag fitted with #1 tip and piping consistency white icing pipe design. Fill in roofs of buildings, add texture to pine trees and snow areas. Allow to dry.
  5. Optional – Create a paint with lustre colours by adding a few drops of everclear or vodka then paint desired colours on trees and fence. Leave to dry.
  6. Working in small areas pipe additional snow texture to buildings, trees and snow, while icing is still wet sprinkle with sparkling sugar.
  7. Pipe snowflake border with white royal icing. Then once dry, sprinkle entire cookie with Disco Dust – Snow Sparkle.


Use cornflour or vegetable fat in the mould first to aid the release.

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