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About Us


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Welcome to Katy Sue Designs, where creativity blossoms!

In 1993, Sue and her mother Doreen turned a kitchen table into a creative outlet that helped them through an extraordinarily difficult time dealing with a serious family injury. With the goal of offering a form of therapy and distraction for Doreen, they began creating miniature porcelain dolls for the Dolls House and Collectors market.

What started as a hobby to help manage the stress of a family health problem, quickly gained popularity, and by the following year, they were casting and making their own porcelain dolls and kits, using a kiln in their garage. The enterprise was named Katy Sue Dolls and the intricate little figures not only provided a distraction during a difficult time, but also captivated a broader audience. It wasn't long before Katy Sue Dolls was supplying collectors in 28 countries.

As you will read here, Katy Sue Designs has always been changing and evolving and by 2004, Sue was ready for a new challenge, so Katy Sue Dolls was sold and all her creative energies was channelled into their next venture Katy Sue Designs Ltd and the amazing world of crafts and edible arts.

The new products created, are all extensions of our passion for creativity and love for crafting. From card-making supplies to silicone moulds for cake decorating, paper cutting templates, paper quilling kits, and acrylic craft blanks, we strive to provide high-quality and unique products to fuel your creativity.

Over the years, this passion for creativity led us to acquire other businesses, like Craft Creations, Acrylic Craft, JJ Quilling, Alphabet Moulds, and Kanban Crafts, integrating their manufacturing into our UK facilities, expanding our family and our product range. We also established significant collaborations with industry experts, resulting in the creation of distinct product lines like Flower Pro, Adventures in Paper Cutting, and the Creative Cake System.

But our multi award winning products are just a part of our story. We believe in the transformative and therapeutic power of arts and crafts. They not only bring joy, relaxation, and a sense of accomplishment but also play a significant role in promoting mental health. When you engage with our products, you're not just crafting, you're investing in your wellbeing.

Our passion for crafting extends to a deep commitment to our customers and you can see that reflected in our five-star Trustpilot reviews. We strive to inspire, guide, and facilitate your creative journey, whether you are a novice crafter or a seasoned artist. Our instructional books, video tutorials, and free learning resources are designed to empower you, inspire you, and make your crafting experience enjoyable and rewarding.

We are proud to be a part of your creative journey and look forward to crafting a vibrant future together.

Welcome to the Katy Sue Designs family – here’s to creating beautiful things!

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