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Beginner's Guide to Paper Cutting with Emma Boyes

Beginner's Guide to Paper Cutting with Emma Boyes

If you're searching for a new hobby or already a fan of crafts and paper art, the fascinating world of paper cutting awaits you. The Adventures in Paper Cutting range is a great place to start. We developed this innovative paper cutting collection with paper artist Emma Boyes who shares her top tips for beginners in this video introduction to paper cutting. There's a FREE Paper Cutting Practice sheet to download too!

Watch Emma Boyes' paper cutting tips for beginners

Emma Boyes, renowned for her intricate and delicate designs, is one of the UK's most talented paper cutting artists. When we worked with Emma to create her first Adventures in Paper Cutting Series 1 Pad, we wanted to make it as accessible for beginners as we could, so the pad contains a practice sheet and three copies of each template. The template designs are sectioned for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced so you can work through the pad and see your paper cutting skills grow. This craft pad is an excellent resource for anyone eager to explore paper cutting techniques.

Emma's Top Tips for Beginners

To ensure a successful first foray into paper cutting, Emma shares crucial guidance that every beginner should know. Let's delve into these paper cutting tips:

1. Essential Paper Cutting Tools: For starters, you need a self-healing cutting mat and a sharp scalpel. The emphasis on a sharp blade is vital—it ensures cleaner, more precise cuts.

2. Practice Paper Cutting: Emma strongly advises starting with the practice sheet included in every pad. This gives you a feel for the paper and helps you understand how much pressure to apply.

CLICK to download your FREE practice sheet!


FREE paper cutting practice sheet


3. Starting Your Paper Cutting Design: Emma suggests beginning in the centre of the design and focusing on the smallest pieces first. This approach minimises the chances of making a mistake after investing a lot of time in easier sections.

4. Apply Gentle Pressure: Apply light pressure when cutting. A hard press may lead to mistakes and hand fatigue.

5. Secure Your Paper Cut Design: While cutting, use your spare hand to hold the paper down close to the cut. This strengthens the paper and helps prevent tearing.

6. Cutting Curves in Paper Cutting: When cutting curves, rotate the paper, so you're always cutting towards yourself. Don’t hesitate to stop and reposition your blade until you feel confident.

7. Removing Excess Paper: Remove the excess paper in sections using the tip of your blade, making it easier to manage.

8. Cutting Small Areas in Paper Cutting: For intricate shapes like circles, cut in sections while simultaneously rotating the paper.

9. Mistakes are Part of the Learning Process: If you cut too much, don’t worry. The design will still look attractive.

10. Display Your Paper Cut Art: Display your finished paper cut on a contrasting background for maximum visual impact.

11. Share Your Paper Cut Creations: Don’t forget to share your creations on social media using the hashtag #PaperCutCraftPad. Emma would love to see your work!

Emma Boyes' Adventures in Paper Cutting Series is an excellent range for beginners looking to learn the art of paper cutting. With her practical tips, you'll have a strong foundation for your paper cutting journey. Remember, like any art form, paper cutting requires patience and practice. Take your time, enjoy the process, and you'll soon be creating intricate designs with ease. Happy paper cutting!

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About Emma Boyes

Emma Boyes is one of the UK’s most talented paper cutting artists. She first put scalpel to paper in 2010 and quickly became a full time paper artist. She has exhibited her work throughout the UK and has created works of art for both private clients and commercially for companies such as Fossil and G F Smith. Emma works from her studio at home in the Lake District from where she often draws her inspiration.

You can find Emma here:
Instagram @emmaboyespapercreations
Facebook Paper Art with Katy Sue Designs

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