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What happened at Katy Sue HQ this week? 28th September – 2nd October

What happened at Katy Sue HQ this week? 28th September – 2nd October

It was all systems go this week; so much happened that we’ve broken it down, day by day.

On MONDAY there was a lot of planning to be done. Our blog launched on Thursday, as did the Katy Sue Designs photo challenge competition (see this blog post and this Pinterest board) and it was a day of making sure everything was sorted for each!
We got an exciting email from Sarah Harris from the Cupcake Range with a tutorial featuring one of our new products – keep your eyes peeled for this later this month!
We also had a box of Celebrations in the office today – we all have a bit of a sweet tooth (1. who doesn’t?! and 2. we all work for a company which make products for cake decorating – it was inevitable really!) so by the end of the day this was the damage! Whoops!
Early TUESDAY morning, Noreen left with a van full of amazing craft projects to demonstrate on the Create and Craft TV show! Our favourites were:


The show was really good! It was broadcast in the US and the UK simultaneously and we received lots of positive feedback through emails and on Facebook so thank you to everyone who watched!
Noreen was out all day but back in the office we were having technical difficulties!
How many people does it take to figure out how to connect a new phone? Does it connect to the computer? Where does it plug in to the wall? Under the desk?
Answer: it takes 5 people, 4 in the office and one offsite IT man and it still doesn’t work!
Aah technology!


On WEDNESDAY we had VERY IMPORTANT visitors at Katy Sue HQ. We were all on our best behaviour and the luxury chocolate biscuits came out! We even gave the craft room a tidy up, if that doesn’t stress the importance of these visitors, what will?! ☺ 
Although we can’t let you know what the meeting was about (it’s very exciting!) we can show you the wonderful display that Noreen and Doreen put together. Look at this!






On THURSDAY we had our monthly ‘What’s going on in the business’ meeting. These are always really interesting and this one was no exception, we discussed new products and exhibitions coming up and we think you’re going to love October and November as much as us!
FRIDAYS at Katy Sue HQ always go one of two ways, either we have lots of deadlines and the office is busy, or some of the team have holidays or out of office meetings and HQ is really quiet! Friday was the latter, it was a lots of tea and biscuits type of day, but of course we still got tons of work done! ☺
What did you do this week? And what do you think of our product display? (We thought it was fantastic, but we’re a little biased!)
Let us know!

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