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FREE UK Delivery on all orders
Quest For The Sea

Quest For The Sea

You won't believe the detail in our new Quest for the Sea collection!
This is one of the biggest launches we've ever had, featuring moulds with such amazing detail, you'd think they were real!

Announcing the Realms of Fantasy - Quest for the Sea collection. With 10 beautifully designed moulds featuring some of the most intricate detail and features that will bring your projects to life. Imagine using these moulds in a nautical, mythical or under the sea theme? Discover how easy it becomes to create remarkable features on your projects whilst saving hours. The character and quality of these moulds will make the finishing touches awe-inspiring.
  • Ancient Columns Silicone Mould

    Ancient Columns Silicone Mould

    Katy Sue Designs

    Bring ancient Greece and Rome to life with this silicone mould which allows you to create ancient style pillars. The mould has 6 sections, the colu...

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