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How to create a Christmas Candle using the new 2020 Christmas moulds by Design Team member Cheryl Sanderson

How to create a Christmas Candle using the new 2020 Christmas moulds by Design Team member Cheryl Sanderson

In this step-by-step picture tutorial, Craft Design Team member Cheryl Sanderson will show you how to create a Christmas candle with embellishments using the new 2020 Christmas moulds! This homemade craft would look fantastic displayed in your home during the festive season, or to gift to a loved one!



Here's how to do it!


Step 1 - what you'll need:

  • A Jug to melt wax in, stood in a pan of water (its not safe to directly heat wax without it being in a bain marie)
  • A thermometer
  • Fragrance oil suitable for wax
  • Candle glass
  • Sticky tab to stick wick to base of glass
  • Candle wick
  • Wick centering tool. You can improvise using a pencil and blu tack
  • Wax suitable for candles in containers and oil based dye

Step 2 - Get your candle glass prepared to pour the candle as show above.


Step 3 - Pouring the wax to make your candle.

  • Heat the wax and dye according to supplier instructions.
  • Cool, add dye and pour. These temperatures vary for different waxes.
  • Remove any air bubbles by popping them with a skewer. Leave to cool and set before removing the wick centering tool.


Step 4 - the Katy Sue Designs moulds and hearty air drying paper clay you need for your decorations.

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Polar Bear Family Mould
Penguin Family Mould
Icicles Mould
Hearty Air Drying Clay - Blue
Hearty Air Drying Clay - White


Step 5 - how to make the decorations.
Note from Cheryl: I have mixed the blue and white clay to make a pale blue, you need very little coloured clay as it is highly pigmented. The new packs of clay can be a little sticky to work with so leave it to dry a minute or two before using, as shown bottom right.

  • Fill the moulds as shown. Make sure the clay is pulled away from the edges
  • of the mould as shown in the small bear in the mould top left.
  • To remove the clay, give the mould a wiggle until the clay shape comes loose and comes out of the mould easily. If it stretches, leave to dry a short while and then try again.
  • Once removed from the moulds, leave your clay pieces to dry on kitchen paper before decorating with water based paints or inks.
  • If you want the pieces to dry on a curve or round the corner of the glass, leave the clay to dry over the item you plan to adhere it to. I have shown this in step six.

Step 6 - an example of how the clay looks after it has been dried around the glass. Drying over the item it will be adhered to makes it easier to adhere.

Step 7 - how to stick your clay shapes onto the candle glass.

  • Apply your silicone adhesive directly to the back of the clay shape to adhere it to the glass.


Steps 8-10 - repeat step 7 with each of your clay shapes that you've made and adhere them to the candle glass.

You now have a finished homemade candle with clay decorations! Perfect for displaying in your home or to gift to a friend!

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