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Learn how to make Christmas Crackers

Learn how to make Christmas Crackers

Learn how to make festive Christmas Crackers!  These fun festive cracker designs will be sure to brighten up your Christmas table and with beautiful added embellishments make Christmas crackers that the whole family will remember.

Design team member Jak Heath has kindly done all the hard work and she's even created some templates which make the whole process easy to follow.  Either watch the video above or follow the step by step instructions below.

Take a look at what you will need to make these crackers here.

Cracker Template 1
Cracker Template 2
Cracker Template 3
Cracker Template 4

1. Make Pine Cones, Holly leaves from our Holly and Mistletoe Mould and Berries from Air Drying Clay and leave to dry on a piece of kitchen roll.

2. Once these are dry use some white acrylic paint to dry brush your embellishments.  Dry brushing will pick up all of the detail and make them look frosty.  Add a small dot of the acrylic paint onto each berry for a bit of shine.

3. Using the wire, cut into small pieces and twist together to make pine needles, dip each needle into paint or glitter on the tips.


Making the Christmas Cracker

1. Take 2 sheets of the A4 Kraft card and cut the length to 8¾ inches

2. Score the 1st Kraft card at 2 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches and 8 inches leaving ¾ inches to add the red liner tape to. (Cracker Template 1)

3. Take your 2nd piece and score at 1⅞ inches, 3¾ inches, 5⅝ inches and 7½ inches, leaving a tab to add the red liner tape. (Cracker Template 2)

4. Turn both cards and score at 2 inches, 2¾  inches and 3½ inches. (Cracker Template 3)

5. Fold on all score lines and add the red liner tape and stick to form the cracker shape.

6. At the end of each cracker you will have 3 score lines, fold the cracker flat and cut triangles from the outer score lines up to the middle score line about one-third up each side (Cracker Template 4)

7. Take some ribbon or twine and wrap around the ends of the cracker where you cut away the triangles and this will draw in the cracker to stop anything you add inside dropping out.

8. Use the sticker border to decorate the cracker wrapping around each side and cutting off the excess.

9. This is optional but you could add some colour with ink of choice and shade what will be the middle part of the cracker.

10. Arrange the holly leaves, berries, pine cones and pine needle onto your cracker.

11. Fill with a small gift and perhaps even a hand written joke!

What you will need to make your crackers

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