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Follow along and make this Christmas shadow box

Follow along and make this Christmas shadow box


Step by Step

  1. Start with the base of the shadow box and build it up as per instruction leaflet.
  2. Paint all shadow box pieces and let dry.
  3. Once the paint is dry you can start decorating inside the box.
  4. Paint the Let it snow and add to the centre of the shadow box.
  5. Insert the string light through the hole in the frame and use hot glue or something similar to hold the lights in place around the inside of the shadow box.
  6. Use the peel off stickers to decorate inside the box, the corner stickers work well in each point of the star.
  7. Use red liner tape from the adhesive pack to stick the clear acrylic star to the top connecting MDF star.
  8. Stick the front connecter star on top of the base, make sure the tabs snap into the slots.
  9. Use the final MDF star frame to cover up all of the connections and decorate this with the border peel off stickers.
  10. The star shadow box is free standing so no need for picture hooks unless you want to wall mount it.  Turn on the lights and enjoy! 

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