Singing Choir Boy by Noreen

Deck the halls with boughs of holly, Fa la la la la la la la!

Follow this step by step guide to create your very own Singing Choir Boy using our HeadĀ mould and Arms mould!
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Mini Christmas Fruit Cakes by Noreen

Decorate your own Christmas Fruit Cakes using Noreen’s simple guide! Using our Christmas cupcake moulds Noreen has created these amazing mini cakes. Discover all our Christmas moulds by clicking here!

Tools required:

5 Methods of Painting Faces on a Model – Cake Decorating Tutorial Video

Our new head mould gives you the perfect basis for creating detailed characters for your cake decorating projects but we know it can be a little scary when it comes to painting in the facial features so we’ve put together this video for you. Let Noreen talk you through each method step by step and see which one suits you. With a little practice you’ll be making beautiful characters in no time.
We’ve included the chapter timings if you want to skip to a paticular section.
00:05 – Introduction
01:42 – Freehand Painting
05:55 – Using a Piping Tube as a Painting Guide
07:57 – Using a Ball Tool as a Painting Guide
09:28 – Using Fondant to Create Eyes
13:39 – Sleeping Eyes